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Attention Procrastinators – Here are 50+ Gifts You Can Find at Small Businesses in Madison

Attention Procrastinators – Here are 50+ Gifts You Can Find at Small Businesses in Madison

  • 53 gifts you can pick up from locally owned Madison, Alabama shops before Christmas.
  • Interactive gift guide includes online shopping links & experiences!
Madison AL Holiday Gift Guide

Even the most organized holiday shoppers can forget to buy a gift for someone on their list. There you are, with no gift and no time to order something online or search around for the perfect item. It’s happened to the best of us, which is why we joined forces with the Madison Chamber of Commerce to create the first ever Madison City Gift Guide, a catalog full of gift items we found on the shelves (at the time of publication) at local stores within Madison city limits.

Why a Madison City Gift Guide?

Frankly, because I had always wanted to put one together and I happen to live in Madison, Alabama. That was enough criteria for me to ask the Madison Chamber if they would join forces and help us create a last-minute Gift Guide.

But wait until you hear what’s inside…

53 Gifts You Can Pick Up TODAY

I’m a procrastinator and every year Christmas sneaks up on me. Every. Year. So having a carefully curated list of things I could buy on short notice that are just a brief distance away from home makes me giddy with excitement. Plus, the variety is pretty great. From children’s gifts to gift ideas for grandparents, you’ve got several options to shop.

Only Small, Local Businesses

Shopping local is something we are very passionate about here at Rocket City Mom, and we do it whenever we can. There’s just something wonderful about supporting local places that are owned by our neighbors and friends. Maybe it’s because we’re SBOs too, or maybe it’s because we love keeping our hard-earned dollars in our community and working for us in the schools, parks, and nonprofits right where we live.

The impact shopping local makes is incredible – according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, when you spend $100 at a small business, $48 stays in the community. Spend the same $100 at a big-box store or national retailer and only $14 stays. Why? Because local businesses rely on other local businesses, and it creates a hyperlocal economic ecosystem. Which is the biggest reason you’ll only find small businesses in this edition of the Madison City Gift Guide.

Interactive Links

This Madison Gift Guide is also clickable! Any of the stores that have the option to shop online are linked up to the pages inside the guide. This gives you a closer look at the gift before you set out to the store, and even the option to order it if you’re not worried about it making it here before the 25th. We also included clickable Google map links that will easily navigate you to each store if you’re not sure where it is located in Madison.

Gifting Experiences

I’m a big fan of giving experiences over stuff whenever possible. We’ve also included several gift ideas to Madison City recreation, attraction, and entertainment venues. The gift of time is uniquely yours to give!

Without further ado…

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We hope you can use this Madison City Gift Guide for all your last-minute shopping needs in 2021! Just click HERE, or the pages below to get started.


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