Scary Stories (About Your Kids) to Tell in the Dark

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There’s a reason kids are a hallmark in horror films. We here at RCM know kids are *mostly* adorable but sometimes they randomly say or do really creepy things. My now 7-yr-old frequently visited our bedroom in the middle of the night from age 3-4 and would just get in my face and stare at me. There is nothing quite like rolling over in bed in the middle of the night to that!

Knowing that I likely wasn’t alone I asked Rocket City Parents to share the creepiest thing their child had ever said or done. Below is a sampling of some of the best.







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  • When I first read about night terrors, I thought “please don’t let this happen to our boys because this would really, really creep me out.” It never has.

    The single most acute moment of terror I can remember from a child of ours came when Nathan was about three. Lea was holding him, and he was crying hard. He didn’t feel good, and he was mad about it.

    Lea had her back to me, and Nate’s face was visible to me over her right shoulder. He took that huge breath like your kid takes when he’s about to yell louder than you can imagine. Only this time he took the breath, and he went silent as his expression froze. Then his eyes rolled back in his head.

    “LEA! He’s unconscious!”

    No big deal, grand scheme. The whole thing might have lasted five seconds before he was back to shrieking, but it seemed a lot longer.

  • You know, on further reflection I have this wrong. He was at the end of an exhalation, not an inhalation. He had cried himself out and instead of inhaling, he passed out.

  • We have a 8 year old and a 1 year old. One night around 3am the baby started crying on the monitor, from the end of our bed in the floor we hear….”The Baby is awake”. My son had snuck in our room. It was the so creepy to hear him say that out of nowhere. Scares us both awake

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