Let’s Go Creek Stomping in Huntsville!

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Surely you know what creek stomping is – this is Alabama in the summertime, right? Where the trees are lush and green, the fireflies flash around 8:00 PM, and just about every kid has an old pair of tennis shoes they can throw on to stomp around in the nearest stream.

Creek stomping is just what it sounds like. You can do it with water shoes or rain boots, wearing a swimsuit or what my grandmother called “yard clothes”. It’s a chance for kids to stomp around in the creek, skip some stones, find a stick and flip over a wet rock to see what’s under it. It’s the stuff childhood is made of.

Where to Go Creek Stomping in Huntsville & the Tennessee Valley

Before you hit the creek, there are a few essential things you need to make sure to bring with you.

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent – creek skeeters are the worst!
  • Water shoes
  • Towels
  • Small net for minnows or tadpoles

NOTE: Always be sure to leave a natural creek area better than you found it, and be mindful of the plants and animals that are native to these important local ecosystems.

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Indian Creek Greenway

This greenway really does have it all – a dog park and playground close by, a paved walking trail that meanders through shady woods, and lots of places to creek stomp!

Alum Hollow Trail at Green Mountain

This Land Trust protected trail is part of the Green Mountain Nature Preserve. You can go fishing while you’re there too! It’s a 1-mile hike with a steep bit at the end.

Hays Nature Preserve

One of our favorite outdoor spaces is located just east of Hampton Cove. Follow the road through Hays Nature Preserve until you find a parking lot on your left. Stroll across the bridge or down the trails to find lots of shallow places to creek stomp. This is another fishing spot too!

Fagan Creek on the Land Trust Wildflower Trail

A great trail, even for Little Ones! Splash around in Fagan Creek as a reward for getting to the top of the trail.

Mill Creek Greenway in Madison

You can bring your canine family members with you for this day of creek stomping. There is a large dog park conveniently located on this greenway. Mill Creek is a smaller stream that flows along the path.

Bethel Spring

Another fabulous preserve protected by the Land Trust of North Alabama. Bethel Spring has an environmentally-significant spring and creek, as well as one of Madison County’s largest waterfalls.

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