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We want to know what you’re thinking…

We want to know what you’re thinking…

Unprecedented. That’s the buzzword for this whole thing, right? It fits.

In the 10 years we’ve been doing this site we have never been in this situation before. Our mission from day one was “Making Parenting in Huntsville Easier” and we’ve done that by sharing information that parents wanted: local resources, area attractions, tips from other local parents about all things local, etc.

Now we are in a quandary because on social media some of you want information about what is open and where you can go while other readers have criticized our sharing of that information because they worry we are “influencing” parents to go out when it isn’t safe. Of course, we’re grown adults and we know that social media isn’t reflective of the whole spectrum of readers. We’re asking as many of you as possible to answer this quick one question survey to help us figure out who is currently doing what so we can best decide what information to focus on this summer.

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