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Huntsville Weekend Roundup March 20-22

Huntsville Weekend Roundup March 20-22

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So… how’s your week been? It’s been pretty weird, right? Imagine writing a column about local events every weekend for about 10 years, and you can see the challenge before all of us right now. But have no fear… really. We are big fans of #FactsOverFear here on Rocket City Mom, and we’re here to tell you there is still family fun to be had this weekend in Huntsville!

Our criteria for activities in this edition of the Huntsville Weekend Roundup:
– Must align with CDC recommendations
– Must be free/cheap and FUN!
– Must feature Huntsville and North AL resources if possible

Go On a Hike

Anytime the weather allows
Cost: FREE

We love to hike here on RCM – something about the fresh air and nature-y things just makes us and our kids happy. Just be sure to wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, practice social distancing, stick to clearly marked trails, and stay hydrated! Wide open spaces are encouraged.
Local Hikes for Beginners
Kid-Friendly Land Trust Trails
Walk a Local Greenway

Listen to a Story

Anywhere, anytime
Cost: FREE
More Details

Our friends at the Huntsville Madison County Public Library know it’s going to be a long break. That’s why they are adding storytimes to their youTube channel from all the local librarians you know and love.

Take Them Fishing

Cost: FREE – $13 for a license
More Details

Madison County has some GREAT places for kids to fish, and this is a great time of year for it. Bring your own equipment and stick to spots that aren’t crowded.

Play Some Disc Golf

During daylight hours
Cost: FREE
More Details

Bring your own equipment to play these kid-friendly local disc golf courses. It’s a fun chance to teach your kids a new game! Just stick to your own family when playing.

Go On a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Anytime, in your neighborhood or on a greenway
Cost: FREE
More Details

It’s good to have goals, even if it’s just for a short walk around the block with your little ones. We love this Nature Scavenger Hunt checklist for keeping them engaged. Again – wide open spaces are OK, but we don’t advise visiting playgrounds right now.

Read This Book!

Now – March 26
Cost: FREE – $17
More Details

So you’ve got a week to read the RCM Virtual Bookclub’s latest pick, Little Fires Everywhere. We’ve been doing a virtual book club for a couple years now – great timing, huh?

Do Some Home Activities

Cost: FREE
More Details

At a loss about what to do with your kids indoors? We worked hard to out together a whole list of options to choose from here. Check back often because we keep adding to it.

Fill Out Your Census

Anytime from home
Cost: FREE
More Details

I know, I know. This isn’t exactly fun, but it takes about 5 minutes and will help keep all the fun Huntsville amenities you enjoy going for years to come. Not to mention essential community services like fire & police, health care, education, and all that other important stuff we like.

See Also

Watch a Movie

From Home
Cost: $20
More Details

View some brand new films at home through video-on-demand the SAME day as their theatrical release! At just $5 a head for a family of four this is a pretty good bargain. Or you can host a virtual Netflix party!

Give Back to the Community

Cost: Some free, some not
More Details

The biggest community service your family can take part in right now is to practice social distancing. Stay home whenever possible. Don’t plan playdates. But if you want to go above and beyond, here are some other things you can do.
Donate Online to the Food Bank of North Alabama
Give Blood: Red Cross of Huntsville | LifeSouth
Donate to the Madison County Senior Center Meals On Wheels
Donate to Lunches of Love

Support a Small Business

Cost: Some FREE, some not
More Details

Leave a glowing review. Be a good tipper. Order from a local business online or via curbside pickup. We love this list of Downtown Huntsville Restaurants & Retail Stores offering delivery or pickup. Check back often because they update it every day!

small business bingo card


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