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Kid-Friendly Halloween Costume Party

Kid-Friendly Halloween Costume Party

candy apples on a stick

Nothing screams IT’S OCTOBER! than a good old-fashioned costume party with a bunch of kids hopped up on sugar!

Every year my parents throw a Halloween party at their house for their grandchildren – my mom goes all out with the decorations and my dad tends the bonfire and is in charge of the hayride around their house in the country. They always have a houseful, and it has become one of my kids’s favorite events of the year. I firmly believe every kid should experience a traditional costume party at least once in their childhood.

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But planning such a party can be daunting. What’s age-appropriate? Where are the best places to consider as party venues in Huntsville and Madison County? How can you throw a good party and stay within your budget? We plan on helping busy parents find the answers to those questions and more in our series, “It’s My Party“, where we invite real, local parents to share their great party planning experiences with other readers.

Big thanks to Alice F. for sharing her Halloween costume party ideas with us!

Halloween Party Basics

Party Theme: Halloween Costume Party

Party Location & Facility Rental Costs: We had the party at our house in the county – we have lots of room and a spooky wooded area to do a haunted hayride.

# of Party Guests: 50-ish in 2019, but your can definitely adjust for smaller gatherings.

Invitations: We invited people through Facebook & word of mouth – there were no paper invitations but there are lots of cute ones online if you decide to go that route.

Food & Decorations

We had tons of spooky food, and I got lots of ideas from Pinterest! We made hot dogs over the bonfire, a mummy cake, candy apples, pots of chili, witch fingers, chips & dip, and lots & lots of CANDY. The biggest hit was the Vampire Antidotes – we took plastic syringes and filled them with grenadine. Each kid got one to “infuse” their antidote (a cup of bubbly Sprite or ginger ale) with and that protected them from vampires the entire year.

Halloween party food

Games & Activities

We had a costume contest, a haunted hayride through the woods, a bonfire, and slightly-scary stories. it was required that everyone have a costume – even the parents! The winner of the costume contest won a trophy we picked up at Party City, and got bragging rights for the year. This year we plan on turning our front porch into a Haunted House area – to get into the party kids have to walk through it!


Every guest left with a treat bag and a glow stick.

halloween vampire antidote
Vampire Antidote!

It’s YOUR Party

Whether you’re faced with a birthday, baby shower, adoption, or christening, we hope we can make it easier for you! Our Birthday Party Planner should definitely be in your bookmarks bar – it puts ALL the local party resources here in town at your fingertips!

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