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Alien Worlds and Androids Invade Huntsville!

Alien Worlds and Androids Invade Huntsville!

Do your kids love super heroes? Well, mine do! When I heard the new traveling exhibit at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center was called “Alien Worlds and Androids”, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when we finally got to see it!

This exhibit not only dives in to the science side of droids and robotics, but also touches on that fascinating thread of SciFi and Super Heroes in a wonderful blend of exhibits, hands-on demonstrations, technology, and robotics.

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Exploring Alien Worlds in Our Backyard!

We walked in and were immediately greeted by some familiar “faces”. My 10-year-old recently discovered Star Wars and even has a remote-controlled BB-8. The first word out of his mouth was “Awesome!”. Honestly, he is in a kind of a hard phase. He often just wants to stay home and ends up asking when we can leave soon after we arrive somewhere. I was really happy to see him engage, and be truly enthusiastic about the content of the exhibit.

Not only did they have some sci-fi represented, they also had some “real life” deep sea examples. My little girl ran right over and said “Mom! That is a HUGE cwab!” She however wanted nothing to do with the “big green metal thing”.

Alien Worlds and Androids U.S. Space & Rocket Center Huntsville 4

I really loved that this exhibit had a smaller footprint that made the room feel a tad less full. It made it super easy to let the kids roam around, looking at what was personally interesting to them, and I could still see them all without much moving. (I have five kids ranging from 1-10 so they always seem to want to go in different directions.) At one point, a friendly interactive robot came out to chat with the kids! They absolutely LOVED it!

Alien Worlds and Androids U.S. Space & Rocket Center Huntsville 5

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This exhibit had a good blend of hands-on education mixed with the informational kiosks. There was a lot of fantastic elements to this exhibit and yet again, gave me an opportunity to link science and practical technology directly in to their current interests.

Oh, and it was FUN! Check out their nifty Teacher’s Guide!

USSRC Parent Pro-Tips

    • Any time we go to the USSRC, I make sure to have the kids go to the bathroom before we start to explore since there isn’t a convenient bathroom spot close to the traveling exhibit area. The exhibits are so cool no one wants to be interrupted with potty breaks!
    • If you are a nursing mom, there is a wonderful & comfortable “Milky Way” room if baby gets hungry.
    • Make sure to plan some time to visit the Spark!Lab. It is located very close to the Math Alive area and it is STILL one of my favorite educational spots to take the kids.
    • Bring a stroller. There is so much to see and little legs get tired after a bit. I also love having a place to put all of the “things” (water bottles, diaper bag, purse and maps) so I can enjoy the exhibits with my kids without juggling all of our stuff.

    Get a Membership!

    Did you know that if you buy a annual membership it will also get you in to the Nashville Adventure Science Center? Yup! It’s fantastic and completely FREE if you have a membership with the USSRC. The USSRC is a part of the Smithsonian Affiliate program, and there are a LOT of places all across the country that will allow free entry if you have a membership.

    Alien Worlds and Androids at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center

    When: Going on now!
    Who: Primarily designed for kids in grades 3-8, but kids of all ages will enjoy!
    Cost: FREE for members, or included with general admission
    View Website

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