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Game On: Head to the Hunt Club for a Carnivorous Dream

Game On: Head to the Hunt Club for a Carnivorous Dream

Hunt Club review

You can eat 14 different animals at Hunt Club Burgers n Grill.

That’s my count from the extensive menu, anyway. Quite a feat for a place that doesn’t offer seafood, don’t you think? Ten of the fourteen are mammals. One of those is a marsupial.

Hunt Club is a full-service sit-down restaurant on County Line in Madison, and PETA-friendly it is not. But if you chucklingly identify as a carnivore, it’s tough to imagine a better place to get your feed on. The menu is conventional American fare—burgers, dogs, wings, salads, and the like—except that wild game is available as the meat in most of the offerings. We checked it out one Saturday afternoon.

Hunt Club
The Hunt Club’s rustic interior is reminiscent of a hunting lodge.

The Hunt Club Menu

The boys and I were pleased to see alligator bites on the appetizer menu, but that’s a treat we usually get at the beach, so we went for some more conventional offerings. The jalapeno corn nuggets Lea picked out were freshly fried and delicious. The boys and I split some flavorful nachos, with a piquant fire-roasted corn and black bean salsa. We went with beef, but we could have gotten elk, antelope, or venison instead. (See how this works?) You could make a legitimate meal from the nachos, definitely.

hunt club

I have long held the view that Hunt Club has some of the best wings around, and Lea’s medium buffalo wings did not disappoint. They were consistently meaty and cooked perfectly. If you’re not in the mood for wild game, know that wings are firmly in Hunt Club’s wheelhouse too.

Aaron decided on the Bama Buck, which is one of the signature Hunt Club burgers. Featuring an elk patty marinated in the house-made wild game sauce, it’s topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, pepper jack cheese, cherry wood bacon, and fried quail eggs, and served on a buttered garlic black sesame seed bun. It was a pretty thing, and enough food that Aaron got a box to finish it at home. I think I’m getting that next time, and I know to come hungry.

hunt club nachos

Nathan went with the more conventional elk burger, served “full rut” (that’s with lettuce, tomato, and onion), your choice of cheese, and fries or chips. That same burger is available with antelope, venison, wild boar, bison, duck, kangaroo, or yak. It vanished quickly (glad I got a photo of it!).

I had an oven-toasted sub — at least that’s how it was listed on the menu; it was really a flatbread—dubbed the Non-Typical. Call it an adventurous cheesesteak. It came with marinated antelope, grilled peppers, onions, and “Smoke Ghost” habanero cheese, with sour cream and salsa on the side. It was pleasingly robust, and also packed an appealing amount of heat.

hunt club

Walk on the Wild (Game) Side

We enjoyed fantastic service throughout our visit, and we’re left with plenty to explore on future stops. There are additional custom subs. There are wild game brats (including one made with rattlesnake!). There are also two larger-than-larger burgers. The namesake Hunt Club burger is dressed similarly to the Bama Buck, but comes with elk, antelope, and venison patties. And the 300 MAG burger comes with three Angus patties. Finally, though I doubt I’ll ever go to Hunt Club for such, there are salads available should you find yourself the only greens lover in the crowd.

hunt club

The Hunt Cub for Kids

For smaller folks, the “Lil Sportsmen” children’s menu contains a mini cheeseburger, chicken bites, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Each includes fries and a drink for $5. Both highchairs and booster seats are available, but restrooms do not contain changing tables.

The Hunt Club is a great choice for a little adventure in your lunch or dinner. If you’re curious about wild game and want to ease into it, this is a great place to broaden your horizons. The exotic meats are served in largely familiar (and delicious!) ways, and at prices that won’t bust the budget. (Most entrees are in the $10-15 range.) And, if you’re in the mood to step out but others in your party aren’t, there are plenty of conventional choices too.

Hunt Club Burgers n Grill Details

Address: 10871 County Line Road, Madison (map)
Phone: 256-542-3266
Hunt Club on Facebook
Hours: Mon—Thur 10:30AM – 9PM | Friday 10:30AM – 10PM | Saturday 10AM – 10PM | Sunday 11AM – 8PM

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