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Autism Awareness Month in Huntsville

Autism Awareness Month in Huntsville

It’s no wonder why a puzzle piece symbol helps represent Autism Awareness – it’s the perfect reflection of the mysterious and diverse spectrum autism includes. It’s one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the U.S., affecting 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. Chances are very high that you know someone, are someone, or are related to someone that has autism in their life.

April is Autism Awareness Month

One thing you might not have known is that Alabama has a higher rate of autism than most, which means working towards being a more inclusive community should be important to Huntsville and Madison County. We’ve included some resources here that hope to do just that!

Walk for Autism

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An annual event taking place Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at Whitesburg Elementary, this is a great way for the community to come together, raise awareness, and show your support.

Special Kids Guide to Huntsville and Madison County

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Whether it is Autism, ADHD, Downs, Dyslexia, Giftedness, 2e, or the spectrum of abilities in-between, we hope the resources listed in this link will help make parenting easier for you in Huntsville.

RCM’s Special Needs Parenting Series

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Helping families who have a child with special needs is part of our mission, so much that we even have a whole series of articles to share with you!

What Autism Has Taught Me: A Dad’s Perspective

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A Huntsville Dad lists the things he has learned from his son’s autism.
“In between the emotional cyclone of inconceivable joy and inconsolable tears that might happen at exactly the same time, in between the excitement over a single word spoken clearly and the fear of the absence of the other thousands he would need to fit in, sometimes it would break me.”

Autism & Big Sisters

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Autism is a disorder that affects the whole family, and siblings can be challenged to have the ultimate in patience and understanding.

7 Ways to Show Your Support Without Spending a Dime

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No money? No problem. It doesn’t take a lot of dinero to be a supportive advocate for autism awareness.

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Creating an Inclusive Community

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Great tips on how it takes a Village to raise a kid on the autism spectrum, and how you can be a part of that Village here in Huntsville.

Making Connections – Who Are They & What Do They Do?

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A more detailed look at what this invaluable support group does in the Madison County community.

The Art of Graduating a Student with Special Needs in Alabama

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As your child finishes up elementary school and looks toward middle school, all of you will need to think about what those coming high school years will look like. Alabama restructured their high school diploma tracks in 2013, changing up each student’s path to graduation.

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