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Grille 29: Where You Can Take the Kids On Date Night

Grille 29: Where You Can Take the Kids On Date Night

Dad moved us to Huntsville in 1986 from Anniston, where we would occasionally drive 120 miles round-trip just for dinner at Red Lobster in Birmingham. And now we had one in our own town. Wow, was I impressed. (Low bar for a hayseed 15-year-old kid.)

This is not a Red Lobster review, of course. But I appreciate the context of that memory — because while I’ve been here, Huntsville has roughly doubled in size. As I type, we’re closing on half a million people in its metropolitan area.

That’s large enough to enable experiences like Grille 29 to exist.

Grille 29 exterior

It is the sort of place you enjoy for the first time and perhaps think “wow, this doesn’t feel like we’re even in Huntsville.” Then, Grille 29 becomes part of your mosaic, and you realize you don’t have to travel for this level of refinement and sophistication anymore.

Grille 29 is a signature participant in Huntsville Restaurant Week 2016, which begins August 12 and runs through August 21. Rocket City Mom joined several other premier influencers for the Food Blogger Tour ahead of it. Together we had the opportunity to sample some of the special menu items executive chef Cara Thompson has crafted for the event.

The Specials

The $15 Huntsville Restaurant Week lunch feature begins with a homemade roasted cauliflower soup. Rich and mildly sweet but retaining a slight fluffiness, it is garnished with crispy prosciutto. It was a delectable opening salvo that firmly established our chef’s credentials, as well as the consequent level of the terms on which we could expect to enjoy the remainder of our experience.
(Game raised.)

Grille 29 Collage

For our custom Food Blogger Tour preview, we bypassed the second lunch course of pan-seared sake-marinated salmon, and instead moved to the first course of the $30 Huntsville Restaurant Week dinner feature. Our fried green tomato appetizer was artistically presented with crisped pork belly and blue pimiento cheese.

Now, here’s the thing about pimiento cheese. Southern standard, right? You’ve had it. I’ve had it. But you know how it typically nips you with a bit of spice only on the end, with a slow initial presentation? This one grabs you from the first second, and you say yes. Our tomatoes were battered appealingly and fried sparingly, and the little splash of red meat brought it all together just so.
(The Dude’s rug would be proud.)

Grille 29 steak

The Grille 29 dinner feature’s main event is a flat iron steak…spectacle. That’s a solid word for it, encompassing both how lovely and delicious it is. It includes homemade Pico de Gallo, sweet potato straws, and white corn cheese grits. The flavors here are cluster bombs. Take a bite, and it’s fantastic—but wait five seconds and it’ll explode into something else in your mouth. The selection and resulting synthesis of tastes embody the pleasures of a gourmet experience. I didn’t want this course to end.

Fortunately, it ended well. Our dessert included a sampling of caramel nut cheesecake, lemon lava cake, and an irresistible chocolate situation landing somewhere between a tort and mousse. All were satisfying conclusions. The Huntsville Restaurant Week dinner feature includes the cheesecake of the day, so be sure to ask your server.

Grille 29 dessert Collage

Grille 29 Atmosphere – Kid Friendly?

Whether you visit Grille 29 during Huntsville Restaurant Week or to enjoy the standing menu, your 12-and-unders can be part of the magic too. For lunch or dinner, your children can enjoy a cheeseburger, homemade chicken tenders, Kraft macaroni and cheese, or grilled chicken. Each entrée includes milk, juice, tea, or soft drink; French fries or green beans; and sliced apples with peanut butter. For Sunday brunch, they can have cheesy eggs and bacon, with muffin and fruit. All of the Grille 29 children’s menu experiences are $8.

Grille 29 is an ideal date night destination. But it’s also a place savvy enough to let you “get away” with a date night, with your young ones along for the experience.

I was pleased to represent Rocket City Mom previewing these specials, and recommend them highly. Visit as many places as you can during Huntsville Restaurant Week, but make sure Grille 29 is among them.

Grille 29 Details

Location: 445 Providence Main NW, Huntsville
Phone: (256) 489-9470
Monday – Thursday : 11am – 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday : 11am – 10:30pm
Sunday : 10am – 9pm

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