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Veloce Indoor Speedway Arrives in Huntsville

Veloce Indoor Speedway Arrives in Huntsville

Alabama’s premiere go-karting experience is here, and we have the 411.

First things first. HOW DO YOU SAY IT? V-E-L-O-C-E is pronounced vel-o-ch-ay with the “ch” like CHASE or CHAMPION. Veloce is Italian for FAST, and fast is exactly what these Italian karts are!

Veloce is an indoor race kart facility providing junior and adult karts. Junior karts can accommodate drivers 48”-56” tall and can reach speeds of 20mph. Taller drivers who need a slower kart can request junior racing. Junior races are 6 laps and helmets are provided. There is a keen eye to safety with quick stop features available at a control station that is manned on the course.

Veloce 1

Adult karts can reach 50 mph and a single race is 10 laps. Warm up laps may be allowed to get you familiar with your kart. Race reports can be provided, which will detail each of your laps by time (including a reference to your best lap), rank your race group according to best lap, show average lap time and RPM points (experience points based on place of finish, how many racers you passed, etc.).

How Veloce Works

In order to race, you must have a user profile. This can be done at an in-store computer or can be completed online. Reservations aren’t required to race, but we recommend it. We expect this new attraction to be busy, busy, and reserving online may reduce race wait times.

Veloce 2

Veloce has created a cozy atmosphere in the pit for those who are waiting on racers or who want to spend the day. There is a furnished lobby with vending machines and an area inside by the track with a big screen TV and tables. We’ve been told to expect televised college football for those who want a different kind of Saturday hangout this Fall!

Veloce Party & Meeting Rooms

Looking for a party place or a corporate meeting room? Haven’t been sure how to help Dad celebrate his big day? Mom is a race fan and has a birthday coming up? Veloce can help! They have a couple of dedicated party rooms along with party package options to meet your needs.

Veloce 3

You can follow Veloce’s Facebook page for updates and special packages. Be sure to check open hours and pricing before your visit, and don’t forget close toed shoes!

Ready, set, GO!

Veloce Details

Location: 1030 Old Monrovia Road, Huntsville (where Hobby Lobby used to be!)
Phone: 256-270-1095
Current Hours & Pricing
View Website | Facebook Page


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  • I went to the VIP party and my kids loved it! Can’t wait to start arranging a kids birthday party the end of September. And, a hot tip. We just learned the junior races are 25% off through the end of September after 7pm at night! So much fun!

  • That is right! You can download our free app and get the deal or just show up and mention RCM. But, you’ll want the app, tons of cool deals there, and this one is a gem! So much fun!

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