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Huntsville Halloween Scare-O-Meter

Huntsville Halloween Scare-O-Meter

Being a parent at Halloween can be tricky. We want our kids to get caught up in all the fun we had when we were kids, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what our kids are ready for when it comes to the Scare Factor.

We’ve even written about why you should scare your kids this Halloween in the past.

Below we’ve rated several spooky events happening around Huntsville on a scale of 1-5 (1 being lowest, 5 being highest) when it comes to their level of scariness. Of course, each kid is different, and you know best about what they are ready to experience.


Best for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers who like their Halloween friendly and happy!

Bootanica at the Garden

Scare Factor: 1 Ghost

The mildest of the mild when it comes to Halloween fun! Bootanica is appropriate for all ages, and so are all the activities included: face painting, dancing with Steve the DJ, and a costume parade is tons of fun for the littlest ones. Not to mention the cute factor is huge here, and you can get tons of gorgeous Fall photos when the Garden is your setting. Note: braver littles can walk through HBG’s new “Haunted Hang-Outs” section of the Scarecrow Trail is they want a tiny thrill. 

Library Puppet Shows

Scare Factor: 1 Ghost

Nothing says Fall like a good old-fashioned puppet show, and our friends at HMCPL know how to do them RIGHT. Wild Things, cuddly monsters, pumpkins, and hoot-owls are about as scary as these shows get. They’re usually partnered with your favorite storybooks and other activities at your local library branch.


For kids that can handle a medium amount of scary, or targeted at upper elementary age and beyond.

Local Ghost Walks

Scare Factor: 2-3 Ghosts, depending on your Guide

A great way to combine Alabama history with a dose of creepy, the Huntsville Ghost Walks can be just the ticket for kids who like to be just a little bit scared. Nothing jumps out, and there is no gore, but the skilled tour guides are great at telling spine-tingling stories about real local historical places & characters.

Pizza Party Massacre Kid Nights

Scare Factor: 3 Ghosts

Everyone knows that those animatronic figures at the rodent-themed pizza restaurant are just a little bit creepy – after all, there’s been a whole video game based on it. But what happens when Lowe Mill brings it all to life in a live-action performance? AND includes two days of G-rated Kid’s Shows? Pizza Party Massacre, that’s what. It’s just a little creepy enough, just a little weird enough to Keep a 8-10 year old on their toes while they have a good time playing the interactive live games.


Not for the faint of heart, these events are recommended for mature tweens & teens only, and THEY might even be scared!

Lowry House Fright Nights

Scare Factor: 5+ Ghosts

One of Huntsville’s most beautiful historic homes gets pretty ghastly in October. The Lowry House will let you relive some of the most gruesome events in history – attend a battlefield surgery WITHOUT anesthesia; take part in a Victorian Age seance; witness the first execution by electric chair; meet the house’s resident ghosts; and even more frightening scenes.

Pizza Party Massacre Adult Nights

Scare Factor: 5 Ghosts

NOT the G-rated kid’s version from above, these shows are for mature audiences only. Lowe Mill artists will be serving up six nights of shows featuring this newly upgraded Human-A-Matronic rock band. This is a “Showbiz Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese” style family fun night out gone very, very wrong.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Share your ideas with other parents in the comments below!

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