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Homeschooling’s Greatest Hits

Homeschooling’s Greatest Hits

If you homeschool and live in Madison County, you’ll want to read all of Karen’s posts in this popular series.

You’ll also want to mark your calendars for February 8th, where RCM be hosting the 2014 Learning Expo at the US Space & Rocket Center. This free event will highlight independent/private schools, magnet programs, homeschooling resources, education-related businesses and more, all in one place in one afternoon. Visit this page to learn more!

Homeschool Article Series on Rocket City Mom

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Why Homeschool?

Homeschool in Huntsville

The series kicks off detailing all the reasons one might consider homeschooling their children in Huntsville. The list might surprise you. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#12″ rel=””]

How to Get Started

Rolypoly Hunting
Rolypoly Hunting

Getting started can be confusing with all the vast amounts of information out there about homeschooling. This post gets the ball rolling with the legal requirements for the state of Alabama and includes search tips about how to get started looking for the right curriculum for you. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#11″ rel=””]

The ‘S’ Word

unsocialized_homeschooler_lg SOCIALIZATION – the word can strike fear into any conversation about homeschooling. This post busts the myths and writes about how home-schooled kids have just as many opportunities to interact with other humans as outside-of-the-home-schooled kids – maybe even more due to the freedom that home school allows. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#10″ rel=””]

How On Earth Do You Do It?

Outside time is crucial to our schedule.
Outside time is crucial to our schedule.

There are strategies and techniques that will work for you and your children and you’ll find your own way. But here I offer four things we’ve done and still do to make sure our kids learn something and we (mostly I, since I’m the primary teacher) don’t go bouncing-off-the-walls crazy. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#9″ rel=””]

Back to (Home) School

Everyone else's first day of school, mine was snoozing.
Everyone else’s first day of school, mine was snoozing.

Back in August, I couldn’t realte to all those First Day of School photos I saw on my Facebook wall. This post is about that and how it’s important for the teacher to take a self-initiated break on a regular basis. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#8″ rel=””]

Getting to School When It’s at Home

This is what happens when you don't do your school work.
This is what happens when you don’t do your school work.

Unlike “away school,” there’s no hard-and-fast delineation in home school between home, school, and the rest of life. I imagine it’s kind of like telecommuting: you never really leave work at work because you work at home. We never really leave school because school is all around us. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#7″ rel=””]

Breaking Up With Your Curriculum

Her groovy new microscope will definitely be a part of the 2013 lesson plans.
Her groovy new microscope will definitely be a part of the 2013 lesson plans.

That’s one great thing about homeschooling: if it ain’t workin’, you can change it. I’ve got three steps to help you make a decision about whether your chosen curriculum is working for you… or not. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#6″ rel=””]

Why We’re Not Weird

Probably one of the more popular posts in this series! As recently as 15 years ago, homeschooling was considered an oddball thing to do. Even I, the now almost-rabid home-based education advocate, thought homeschoolers were weird and their reasons were silly and why wouldn’t they want to send their kids to school to be “socialized” and who did they think they were, anyway, taking on the education of their children and did they think their kids were special or what?! Did I mention I thought they were weird? Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#5″ rel=””]

More ‘C’ Word: Curriculum

My kitchen table doubles as my science lab for rock sorting.
My kitchen table doubles as my science lab for rock sorting.

Forget about “Will I make my kid weird?” or “How will I keep from going crazy?” “What curriculum should I choose?” comes up A LOT and might be the hardest question to answer. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#4″ rel=””]

Top 5 Places to Take Classes

The Huntsville area has many homeschool-friendly opportunities (meaning they’re the same classes as after-school classes, just offered during the day). Families can supplement their curriculum or even outsource a subject. From theater arts to AP Chemistry, there’s a little something for everyone. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends, both for you and your kid!Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#3″ rel=””]

Favorite Online Resources for Home Educators

Online Educational Resources
Get ready to bookmark these awesome websites – they’re invaluable resources for homeschooling families! Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#2″ rel=””]

Homeschool Planning When You’re Not Wild About Schedules

Planning Homeschool
I am not, nor will I ever be, someone who sits down and spends huge amounts of time creating a full-on calendar with daily schedules for the entire school year. Lesson plan, schemesson plan. I like flexibility. And I’ve never wanted to replicate The Classroom, but I’m also not an Unschooler.Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”#1″ rel=””]

What Counts as Educational?

The game called "Life" can be the best teacher for a particular moment.
The game called “Life” can be the best teacher for a particular moment.

Kids are learning at all times, not necessarily because they’re sitting down with books and worksheets and what not. It’s the difference between “Did we crack the books today?” or “Did we learn something today?” Learning – in whatever form – counts. Read Post[/h_stab_panel] [/sws_hor_stab] [themify_box style=”lavender rounded” ]Looking for more topics about homeschooling, specifically in Huntsville & Madison County? See all the posts in this series HERE. [/themify_box]


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