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Here at Rocket City Mom we work REALLY hard every day to bring our readers the latest and greatest information about events, activities, and resources that we believe parents in the Tennessee Valley could use. We do this because we’re also parents living in the Tennessee Valley and we know this is a great place to raise a family and we want to share our knowledge. Our mission is to make parenting in Huntsville easier. ย It’s a pretty simple goal and most of the time it’s pretty easy to come up with ideas for posts.

But…as we enter into the second half of our third year we’ve grown from a few hundred to several thousand (!) readers each month and as the diversity of our readership grows, we realize that we might be missing important stories, and/or resources that our readers want to read about. So, as part of our never ending quest for self-improvement we’re asking you a couple of simple questions so that we can get to know our readers better and become an even better resource for parents in our community.

A Token of Our Thanks

Whimsical WoodsAnd because we are who we are, to thank you for answering our simple survey, we’re giving away a family-four pack of tickets from RCM sponsor Burritt on the Mountain for this week’s Wacky Water Days event happening July 10 – July 14! If you haven’t already visited the Whimsical Woods, read our parent review and see just what you’ve been missing. Even if you don’t win the free tickets, we know you’ll want to visit before this exciting family-friendly exhibit comes to a close in early September.

To enter, simply follow the two (2) steps below.

STEP 1: Complete the poll below (you may choose all that apply)

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STEP 2: In the comment section below, please answer the following question(s).

  • What are we missing?
  • Is there something you’d like to see more of on our site? Feel free to be specific or general.
  • What could we do differently that would help us better achieve our goal of making parenting in Huntsville easier?

At the end of the day tomorrow (July 10th) we’ll pick a winner randomly from the comments and notify the winner via the email they used to enter the comment. Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • I honestly don’t know what the site could be missing. I enjoy all the reviews of local kid friendly attractions/events. I love the weekend round-up. And I really appreciate finding information on all the local seasonal consignment sales in one place. I think you are doing a great job!

  • I appreciate the local information – though my kids are older and most of the kids stuff is for the younger crowd, RCM is still a good source of local information ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love your website and use your weekend round up every weekend to decide what to do! It’s perfect for my needs.

  • Hey RCM! I don’t think there is anything I would change. I love that you have “guest” bloggers and I always love your holiday list of things to do.. Around Christmas, I pull up your website and whip out my calendar to start marking it up. :). I know this is ever time consuming and we all appreciate what you do!

  • Rocket City Mom is not missing anything. The site has thorough info for kids and parents. So I don’t know of anything to suggest to add or do differently. Keep up the great work!

  • I couldn’t have survived my first year in Huntsville without RCM! I love all the “things to do” posts and reviews. Most of them are geared more toward my 5 year old and the rest of us tag along for the fun :). I’d love to see some insight and ideas for young teens. I’m always at a loss for what cool stuff is out there do with my almost 13 year old!

    • Erica – a really great suggestion and one I believe is probably going to be made more than once. I think finding activities for preteens and teens is high on a lot of people’s lists!

  • Actually, I am VERY new to RCM, so I’m not sure that I’m qualified to make suggestions for changes! But I will say that I appreciate being able to find out new and free/cheap things to do around town with and for my kiddos. I feel like your site will really help my family and I to better get to know the people and places around town!

  • When my army family was moving to Huntsville from Philly, I literally googled “Huntsville kid activities” and you were like the 5th one down, but the first one that had a reliable sounding website. I started looking around at the events and it truly made me more excited to make the move. That was over a year ago. I felt like the website was easy to manage and provided a lot of information for kids and families. The only thing that I can think of that might help is job information. Maybe some of the local small businesses that might be hiring part time workers or just pointing them in the right starting direction? I’m a big fan and follow you on Facebook, read every weekend roundup and look forward to the next post. Thanks so much for all you do for us!

    • This makes me so happy because it is exactly why I started RCM! When I moved here, I couldn’t find anything. Now I just need to work on getting up to the top of Google ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome to Huntsville.

      • Thanks! Well, you are the first REAL website, and now the 4th one down…anyone that does a real search would probably choose “rocketcitymom” over anything else, I know I did-and I wasn’t disappointed!

  • We pull up the website on our phones all the time when we are out and looking for something to do! This is especially true of when kids eat free. We will be out shopping or at a doctor appointment and decide we want to eat, so we look up where kids can eat free! So keep this info up!

  • I found out about your site when I saw your decal on your minivan and have been a follower ever since! It’s hard to say what to add when you already have so much! I follow a couple of other blogs in Nashville and Atlanta that are similar to yours, but they in no way compare to yours!

  • I love RCM!! If there’s ever a day we need something to do I always pull up the event calendar. I also find it very useful to read your reviews on the places you have visited. RCM is doing a great job, thanks to all of your hard work.

  • I like a few others can’t recommend any changes. You are spot on for my needs for my family. Thank you so much!!!

  • I can’t think of anything in particular that I’m missing. I do love the site and all the work you guys put in is greatly appreciated. I really like the reviews that have been posted lately, and would like to those to continue. Thanks!

  • ButOfConcernedLessI Think You Guys Do A Wonderful Job Keeping All The Bases Covered. A Group Of Moms Were Taking Last Week One Of Them Mentioned That Gymboree Had The Entire Store 12.99 Or Less AndSeveral Of Us Were Mortified That We Had Missed It. So Maybe Giving Us A Heads Up Where Awesome Sales Are Concerned??? Most Of Us With Small Children Only Go To The Malls When Absolutely Necessary. Just A Thought,But I Truly Appreciate All The Hard Work That GoesInto

  • I have to admit that I plan all of our family activities and excursions based on your website. We moved here from California about two months ago and I didn’t know of any activities for my kids – ages 5 and 2. A friend of a friend that has since become a close friend told me of Rocket City Moms and I have been addicted ever since that day. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I was bummed that we missed strawberry picking season, although we did go blueberry picking and had a blast! One suggestion might be having a chat room that is open on specific days so that parents can ask questions, build friendships, get recipes, or just to have a conversation with an adult. ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks again!

  • I’m really unsure as to anything you could do any better. I absolutely love this site. Even my husband has gotten involved in reading the weekend roundup. This is how we plan our weekends!! I know that’s probably not the feedback you were looking for but just honest! Thanks for the hard work!

  • I can’t think of much that’s missing! You’re my first stop when I need child related info. I like the idea of having info for tweens and teens, too.

  • I agree that if there is anything that could be added it might be a little something more for the older ones (10+). I absolutely love RCM! I use so many features on the website. I love the calendar the most.

  • What are we missing?: While I LOVE the site, maybe a “Mommy and Me” group would be helpful – especially for new moms to the area or first time moms. An opportunity to get together in an informal setting and do some of the activities you write about/promote ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is there something youโ€™d like to see more of on our site? Feel free to be specific or general: I love all of the activities you post. These really motivate me to not only do fun activities with my kiddos, but it also encourages us to get out and explore our city and not be restricted to what’s comfortable or easy for us to do!

    What could we do differently that would help us better achieve our goal of making parenting in Huntsville easier? If your goal is to make parenting easier, then I’d say you have reached it ๐Ÿ™‚ I will refer back to my first suggestion about hosting a forum or starting a mommy group so that there is an opportunity to network outside of site as well as help new moms (new to the city or new to motherhood) make a connection and have a support system. I am also always open to my kiddos having play dates – they can never have too many friendlies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love the weekend roundup so definitely keep that! Not sure how it would work, but maybe a local daycare registry that lists contact info and prices? I work at KidVenture and we have parents who are new to the area ask all the time. Maybe not a great idea, just a thought.

  • I really love the site! I feel like I know everything that’s going on when I never have before. I can’t think of what y’all should change. This is always my go-to spot when looking for stuff to do with my boy. Thank you!

  • I love RCM! Especially the weekend roundup! We take a look at it every weekend to find some local (usually free) fun for our family. Thank you!

  • I Cannot think of one thing your website is missing is my go to page for anything I want to do with my kids. I love thati can find free events, good paves to eat . The Daily schedule is my favorite. You do an amazing job!

  • I don’t think that there is anything missing. I would like to see more things for children with disabilities. Other than that you guys are doing an awesome job ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really would love to see more things geared towards pre teens (10-12 crowd). Activity wise and article wise. I love the dad guest bloggers, maybe more of those would be great! Keep up the great work!!

  • Like everyone else, I LOVE the weekend roundup! More information for older kids would be great too. Love, love, love your site!!!

  • I love this site! I love the reviews & the “things to do” each week.

  • Love it all, but really love the Mom Recommended section!
    Nothing missing, nothing lacking and no changes needed! Keep up the good work!

  • As newbie to this site, I think it is fantastic. Not really missing anything that I can figure out off the top of my head.

  • I love RCM! Weekend Roundup and the homeschool series are particular faves. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m certain it isn’t easy making parenting easier for the rest of us!

  • I agree the only thing missing or could be better would be info for kids 13+. I also never know what I can do with my 14 year old.

  • You all have set the bar high, not sure what else one would want or need. Thank you for all your time and effort to make such a helpful resource!

  • I love the weekend roundup and the reviews! You guys do a great job with the website. My littles are 3 and 1 so I appreciate all the young kid-friendly info. What about an RCM community facebook group? That would be a great place to share additional tips, daycare reviews. etc.

  • I love your website, I really enjoy having all the consignment dates on one page as well as the weekend roundup.

  • I love the weekend roundup! However, as my son gets older, maybe something for older kids? I know the local library has programs for school aged kids- maybe highlight some of those?

  • I think this website is great and do not know what it could be missing. I get a lot of great info from this site and am able to do a lot of activities with my children off of this site. I think it’s great!

  • I would be lost without your site! I may have overlooked it but photographer reviews would be helpful. That’s the only thing I can think of that you may be missing. A chat section might would be helpful for all the newbies in Huntsville so we could find other moms who have the similar interest. We have been here almost a year and I still don’t really know many people here so that would be very useful in my opinion. Overall your site is awesome and if nothing changes that would still be fine with me!

  • As long as there are things for all ages of children and all budgets you’re doing a fantastic job !

  • Please consider branching out and including Decatur activities. I love your site but need things closer to home.

  • Your website is an absolute LIFESAVER for anyone with children. I check regularly for what to do with ,y 2 year old and love that I have such a convenient resource to find fun things to do together. The giveaways are also wonderful!! The only addition I could think of would be some kind of public forum where users could submit ideas of things they know are coming up that may not be well publicized, ask questions of other parents, and maybe even have a sales/free area for those clearing out or looking for cheaper kids items. You all are doing an amazing job; thank you so much for this wonderful website!

  • I think the site is great. I live a little ways away, so when I want to make a day of it I have lots of great choices. Keep it up!

  • I love the site and recommend it to new families. I think you are doing a great job!

  • Love this site, dont think there is anything you need to do different!

  • RCM is a great site. It has been very helpful in finding this for our family to, especially since we are new to Huntsville.

  • I love RCM! I discovered you on FB a couple months ago and have been referring to your website and FB page frequently for summer activities and suggestions! I LOVE finding out what’s going on around the area… Especially the free activities…. Keep them coming!!! Loved the list of water options and the weekend roundup is awesome! You guys are doing great! PS – would love to win the passes!!! :)).

  • Your site has been so helpful since relocating to HVL in January! The only thing I would really like are more detailed reviews/recommendations about doctors/dentists and all those things I took for granted in my hometown: mechanics, banks, etc. I’ve also had a hard time getting connected in a playgroup so I’d love some way to meet up with people that way? (That’s kind of a huge task, I realize.) Thanks for your work!

  • I would love to see a blog post at the very least to help raise awareness about the extra challenges of *Differently Abled* Moms who live here in the TN Valley, and everywhere for that matter.

    • This is a great suggestion and something we will work on adding to the site.

  • I love the site also and agree that it has just about everything. I would also like to see more activities and information for the tween crowd. Thanks for this amazing resource!

  • 1) Don’t see much of anything missing.
    2) Always more giveaways:)
    3) Not sure what there is!

    Great site to visit!

  • More ideas for educational/musical things to do with Tweens. Perhaps a list of volunteer opportunities for Tweens and Teens?

    • I love the idea of trying to put together a list of volunteer opportunities. I know that’s something I’ve heard form friends before but I didn’t think about putting it on RCM. Thanks!

  • I love all the wonderful information that your site gives about local kid friendly events. I wouldn’t change a thing. I also love the weekend round up with free events in huntsville. With two kids 3 and 7 months, I am always looking for fun stuff that is free.

  • Please add local hiking trails with ratings by children age. Please add when children authors are at local book stores for talks and book signings. I have a hard time getting my children to read, so any suggestions are welcome. Great website! My family uses it weekly!!

  • I have enjoyed Huntsville so much more because of RCM. We moved here just to have our kids and be closer to family. I have also referred your site to friends and family that have moved here. I love the reviews you do of all the things/places to do in Hville. I also love the blogs you post written by other parents. It makes us feel ‘normal’. I love how you did reviews on cities around Huntsville…Bham, ATL, etc. The only thing I think the site needs is an open forum area. Where people can just post questions and people can answer or comment on them. I use Facebook at least an hour every day and there are many Yard Sale sites, I often see moms asking questions about pediatricians, day cares, medical advice (rashes, tummy issues, eating challenges, etc, etc) I think it would be very beneficial to ask questions here in an open area that’s more catered for something like that rather than Facebook Yard Sale sites. As parents our best resources are other parents. Keep up the great work!

  • I absolutely love the weekend round up. If I had to make a suggestion I have yet to find a good site where you can find out which restaurants have the best kid deals. Such as kids eat free….etc. But I would love your site even if nothing changed!

  • I love all of the info for small children. I have a 1 year old! All of your tips are wonderful!

  • I just love your site! In fact, just today I was searching the Facebook page because I was looking for an orthodontist & remembered reading a review.
    I won’t call this a change, but I really enjoy the articles from area moms about what works & how they are muddling thru. As a first time mom, so many times I’m left thinking I’m doing this all wrong. It’s great to know others worry bout the same silly things I do!

  • We love RCM. We have enjoyed attending the activities that you post reviews for. I like the already mentioned idea of an online comminity group for local bargains. Thanks RCM for all you do!

  • I honestly think you do a fabulous job! I always know whats happening on the weekends and I love the guest writers! Keep up the good work!

  • We love your site! It is our first stop when trying to find out things to do on a weekend! The only thing I would love to see more of would be reviews of local activities. I’ve added the Huntsville Depot to our list of to-dos for the summer based on a recent review on your site. I’d love to see more like that! Thanks for all y’all do!!!

  • By far the most comprehensive and fabulous website for moms of young children! Never miss the Weekend Roundup. An idea, if you are looking to add anything….an occasional list/conglomeration of exceptional coupons or deals for these awesome activities. Might be fun to have them centralized in one spot. Regardless, you are a resource we can’t live without! Thanks for your tireless info-gathering and great tips.

  • I’m not sure what would make it better. I love all of the reviews that are written, so maybe more reviews on places like spas, hair stylists (not just stuff for kids). I also love the calendar and weekly roundup. =)

  • I love the website! The weekend round up is my favorite. I always go here when I’m looking for something fun to do with my boys.

  • I use the site a good bit and I love it. I would love more articles on a wider area of attractions (attractions for day-trips, fun places to escape for a weekend, festivals, etc.). I like the “How to have Fun in _____” series, and I’m always looking for more ideas on places to see. I know that there are a lot of cool places outside of the major metropolitan areas within driving distance.

  • What are we missing? I don’t know that you’re missing anything. I love this website. It’s been a huge help to me in finding out what Huntsville has to offer families with children. We just moved here.

    Is there something youโ€™d like to see more of on our site? I can’t really thing of anything yet. I might in time, but nothing so far.

    What could we do differently that would help us better achieve our goal of making parenting in Huntsville easier? I think you are doing an awesome job of reaching your goal!

  • I agree with everyone else that RCM is a great resource! I check out the event calendar almost every weekend to find things to do.

    I really like the suggestion someone else made about hosting a forum on the site. That would make it easy for parents to share information, ask & answer questions, and get to know each other!

  • I can not think of anything else specific to have you add. I love the weekend roundup and after living here for several years am amazed by the new fun things that we have discovered through your website. Thank You!

  • Have no idea what you could possibly be missing but I think it’s great that you are taking advice!

  • I really love the weekend roundup and the reviews on local places for kids! I have also found your summer guides of places to go to be very helpful. I would love to see more of that as well as things geared towards older kids as well. I think you guys do a great job!!

  • I second the older kid and teen idea! While my kids are pretty amiable and willing to do anything I dream up, I’d like some things geared more for the older crowd. We love the site! Thank you!

  • I would love to see more ” special needs” posts preferably by A mom if a child with special needs . ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t think that you guys are missing anything on the site. To be honest, I don’t come over here very often. I do check the weekend roundup when I see the link on Facebook.
    I think something I would like to see more of is age recommendations for the activities. You could put it under the title of the article, or after the name of the activity on the weekend roundup. I have such an age spread between my kids, 9, 4 and 2, that I don’t attempt many of the weekend roundup suggestions because I figure someone in my family will be bored.
    I agree with previous posters that you guys are doing a great job making parenting easier!

  • I think the blog is great.. As a mom of small children it may be nice to sometimes feature things to do with for just the smaller kids.

  • My children are 16 months, and there aren’t a lot of activities featured for that age group. Granted, there doesn’t seem to be much happening that caters to that age. It’s really a great site!

  • This is a really great site! Love all of the information about local events for little ones. I’ve lived in Huntsville all of life and yet you still surprise me with things that I had no idea we had here. My only suggestion for your newsletter is also a little secret on my part…..I’m not a mother of a little one, I’m a grandmother who loves reading your site! As a grandma who has the little one most of the week while mom works, I use your site and suggestions regularly. It might be nice to have the occasional blog from a grandparent point of view. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Gia! You’re not the only grandparent we’ve heard from and I think adding a grandparent point of view would be a great addition to RCM ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love your posts in Facebook, and I will be honest I need to explore your site more! Do you have a list of restaurants that have kids nights/discounts? What about once a month posting an idea of what parents can do for a free/cheap date? With two toddlers, sometimes keeping mama and daddy happy is important too!

  • I really do enjoy RCM and it has become my go-to when I am looking for things to do with the children. I love the reviews on places which have helped me decide in the past if it is worth checking out. Thanks for staying on top of things in Huntsville. I love the guest bloggers too…keep up the good work.

  • I think that what you offer already is excellent and am not sure what you could do to improve. I love that when we have a free weekend coming up I am able to find fun things for all free of my kids (5-12) to do. Thank you for all that you share with us.

  • I’m new to this site so I don’t really know what’s missing yet. I love to see cheap and/or free kid friendly events. I don’t think there is much you can do differently! Keep up the good work!

  • What are we missing? I’m sure there are reasons for this, but I don’t see a complete list of things sometimes. For example, the mom recommended schools, not all of them are the schools are represented.
    Is there something youโ€™d like to see more of on our site? Feel free to be specific or general. More posts on fb about what is going on just to keep me involved.
    What could we do differently that would help us better achieve our goal of making parenting in Huntsville easier? have social events for families to attend

  • I love the weekend roundup, I love the local reviews of restaurants and events, I wish it was easier for me to find the previous posts you have written on specific things I want to remember- like the ones about taking day trips to chattanooga or the review on the restaurant with the super heroes- but that’s probably due to my poor computer search skills and not your site!

  • I think you guys do great, I know it is hard work and it is very appreciated by so many! I only have ONE single issue and it is that I feel like I miss out on a lot of giveaways because I don’t “tweet”. Other than that great job.

  • I love your site! It is always informative and I can’t see that its missing anthing. great job!!!

  • I love you website! Lots of great info and great ideas of things to do. I would love to see more info geared toward the “tween” group. I have a 7 year old and 11 year old.

  • I love your site! I recently moved back to Huntsville after 3 years of being gone, and now have a toddler! Your site has allowed me to find a number of things to do with him on a cheap or even free basis, which is a must for a single mom!

  • I canโ€™t think of anything you are missing. The weekend roundup is an essential for me every weekend! Maybe more giveaways? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Website is great all around! I always look forward to the weekend roundup, and when days are dragging on too slowly, my first thought is to check RCM’s event calendar.

  • I love the RCM site. I don’t know what I would change, I like the stories and the experiences that are shared. I go to the weekend round up to find things for our family to do. We have family that are in from out of town and they called Monday saying what is there to do that’s free or inexpensive, so I found some things on the summer list and everyone had a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So glad to hear your guests (and you) had a great time. That Summer Fun Guide was an essential part of my first summer in HSV and has been ever since.

  • I really like this website. I don’t really really see anything that needs to change.

  • The site is wonderful and has made planning our summer activities so easy and FUN! Whenever I need to have a plan for my family this is the site I go to, it has everything. I can’t think of anything this site is missing or needs, so keep up the good work!!

  • I really don’t know what I could recommend to be better. I’m already so impressed by your current site that I don’t even have time to look at all the good stuff in here as much as I’d like. Only thing I think I could recommend would maybe be weekly emails with highlights of current events, etc. the top things from your site. I’m able to look at this kind of stuff much more quickly and determine if I’d like to click and learn more. Sometimes things get out of sight, out of mind for me too often. I’ve referred many others to your site also!

  • Love this site! It is such a great resource for our family! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Your site is a great tool for parents. I honestly don’t know how you keep track of it all: sometimes there is such a saturation of events that it can be hard to keep everything straight. So kudos to that.
    I also admire your unabashed support of ALL kinds of families. Thank you for that.
    I love the giveaways, though like an earlier poster, I don’t tweet, so I don’t get all the chances to enter. Keep up the free membership giveaways, special deals and coupons. This city can be expensive for a family to attend a special event! (Or heck…even a movie!)
    Thanks for all you do!

  • I love your site! I cant think of anything I would suggest to do differently. Thank you RCM!!!

  • I really enjoy the site but with my children know being middle school & high school would be nice to see things for them ..possible summer job programs, charity events they can participate in or maybe college fairs

  • I love your website, it’s helped me a lot to find specially what to do withe the kids. Love the giveaways.

  • Love this website! Our family has found so many great activities that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Thank you so much!

  • Love the site and think you do an excellent job keeping up with all the offerings for kids and families in theHuntsville area. Keep it up!!

  • I really love this site. I use it at least once a week to plan things for my girls! Thank you!

  • I love your website. I use it often. I love all the give always and the helpful hints. I do not tweet so anything dealing with that I do not do. Thanks for all you do.

  • I check with you daily to make sure I am not missing anything! I can’t think of a thing you don’t already do! Thank you for all the hard work that you do for us!

  • I Love your site! Can’t think of anything to change or add. I found you about 2 months ago thru a friend and your site has been a great resource for my lil family since then.

  • Saw this mentioned already, but I love the idea of a forum. We can get reviews and input on a more localized level on topics like school systems, that may not be relevant enough for the whole Huntsville and surrounding areas to warrant an individual blog post from RCM. It can also give a chance for many moms to share their experiences at some events RCM hasn’t had an opportunity to review yet, or how children of different ages enjoyed an event.

  • I just recently found this site and with three boys 3 & under, I wish I would have found it sooner! I’d love to see a forum too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This site is absolutely awesome. You are awesome! I love knowing what’s going on, what to do and where to eat. If anything, I wish the child care/preschool section had more to it. I know there are tons of great places but there are very few in that section of your site. You are doing great! Thanks!

  • I think your website is very helpful. Do you cover more than just Huntsville/Madison area? If there’s areas and activities in surrounding areas that would be great to know about.

  • This site is very helpful. I love the giveaways, the weekend roundup section and the reviews of various places in the area.

  • There is nothing missing! I love your guest writers, the weekend roundup and all the parenting insights that you offer. Keep up the great work!

  • I love your blog! It has helped is explore Huntsville! I am not sure what more you could do. I really liked the playground review!

  • I honestly just found your site so I can’t offer any insight on how to better the site. But from looking through your site and some of the earlier comments, I am so excited to start checking in with you guys daily to learn about all the fun activities going on in our area for the kiddos. I have three, 2 boys (7&13), and one girl (2) that I am always trying to find fun things to take too. So happy to have found you guys.:)

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