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The Cutest Kids on the Internet

The Cutest Kids on the Internet

This week’s edition of our favorite Internet treasures is brought to you by the Cutest Kids Ever (besides all of your own, of course!) Some of these kids made their online debut recently, while others could be considered “oldies but goodies”.

In any case, I hope they bring a smile to your face and a song or two to your heart (literally). They certainly did ours!

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  1. Something That You Do Once… Twice. OK, Three Times In Your Life. Or Once.

    This audio clip of a sister’s haircut gone terribly wrong was recorded by their father, NPR reporter Jeff Cohen. His natural response to the disaster was to get the full story from his three and five year-old daughters on tape. To quote Gawker, “I think Click & Clack just found their replacement.”

  2. “The Whistler” by Jason Good

    If you’re new to the comedy of Jason Good, this will be bring you up to speed. His writing is comedic gold to parents, albeit a bit more R-rated than Cosby. He’s best known for his post, Three Minutes Inside the Head of My Two Year Old, but this one details the joys and pains that come with a prodigious little whistler.

  3. Kindergardeners Vogue

    Nothing says kindergarden graduation like Madonna (?!) and this class of cuties do her version of “Vogue” complete justice. It has everything – great costumes, choreography, and hula-hoopers!

  4. Most Adorable Cover Band Ever

    I shared this video via Facebook several weeks ago and it’s one of my favorites to show to friends. The dad is a VH1 veejay in Columbia and has created a homemade recording studio with his son and daughter. They specialize in Depeche Mode covers and just started a tour performing in several major cities.



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