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Medical Records Made Easy

Medical Records Made Easy

[box type=”1″ align=”left”] In our ongoing effort to shop local, each Saturday RCM features a local small business owner and asks them to share their story and advice with our readers. We do this as a service to our readers and do not accept payment for coverage.[/box]If you are a mom, you are by definition a caretaker of at least one other person in this world. If you are like most moms, you are caretaker of a whole brood: children, husband, maybe even parents or in-laws. You are, no doubt, an expert juggler of time, resources, and details – so many details. But everyone could use a little help. Especially when it comes to keeping track of important information like medical records. You never know when you might be making an emergency trip to the ER and wouldn’t it be nice to already have the info you need at your fingertips?

Local mom Julie Slayton found herself in just such a situation which led to her invention of MIMI – My Instant Medical Information, a personal medical records software system that is going to revolutionize the way caretakers keep track of important medical information. I had the opportunity to meet Julie a couple months ago and have since “tested” MIMI for myself. As someone who has moved countless times over the last 10 years and has no doubt lost more medical records than I care to admit, I was excited to find something that would make it easy for me to be organized and finally feel prepared for an emergency.

So I was very excited to get the chance to sit down with Julie and her business partner and marketing director, Susie Brock, and help spread the word to other moms who might be in a similar situation.

Susie Brock, Director of Sales & Marketing (left) Julie Slayton, Owner (right)
When did you open your business and why?
About three years ago my mother became ill and I had to call 911. When the EMTs arrived I couldn’t answer any medical questions about my mom – her medications, dosages, past surgeries, pre-existing conditions, medical procedures, allergies, her pharmacy – I didn’t even know if she wore dentures – and I was in panic mode so I even got her birthday wrong. Based on my experience I wanted to have something to organize my Mother’s medical history and prescription information because I never wanted to be in that position again that I couldn’t help the one person who has always been there for me. So, I started looking for something and there wasn’t anything that wasn’t on the web. I didn’t want my Mother’s health information on the internet where someone else could hack it! I decided to create my own and use relevant questions that were asked by medical professionals.

Once I started using MIMI™ it proved to be helpful immediately and became noticed by the medical community and other patients – everyone loved it! They didn’t have to guess at handwriting, or so many times the patient only knows the “color” of their medication instead of the name, or maybe a patient has a folded piece of paper in their wallet might have some of their information on it. I was frequently asked “Where can I buy that?” by other patients. Doctor’s would say “Everyone needs this!” I decided to start a company and make MIMI™ easy to use, at an affordable price, and to be saved on a personal computer or laptop – not on the internet.

Who does your business serve?
Everyone! Families, caregivers, seniors, individuals. Everyone needs MIMI™. Emergencies are a part of life – they happen in a split second – they don’t make a reservation and they don’t call ahead. The more you know about your medical and prescription information the better prepared you are to make informed healthcare decisions.

What is the most challenging thing for you about owning a business?
Educating people on MIMI™. Getting the word out. Making people realize that emergencies do happen and wouldn’t you want to be prepared? So many people do not like to think about “emergencies” – and most don’t until they are faced with one. Being prepared with medical history readiness is just smart.

If you are interested in learning more about MIMI, I encourage you to visit their website at The software costs just $34.50 for up to four family members or $44.50 for up to nine members. You can order a CD or download the program directly from their website. Or, you can register below to win a copy of your very own courtesy of MIMI and Rocket City Mom.

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