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Dinner and Dancing

Dinner and Dancing

[box type=”1″] Editor’s Note: This week’s Mommyhood Moment is significantly different from last week’s but it’s a perfect example of the simple moments that make being a mom so special. Don’t forget to enter this week’s “Motherhood the Musical” giveaway and enjoy those special moments in song!
[/box]It might be cliche in our day and age, but we almost NEVER miss dinner together as a family. I admit, we rarely have anything fancy. Pizza night and BLTs are in our regular rotation, but the point is that we all sit together and share our day. For me, those moments at the end of the meal (after everyone has enjoyed dessert!) are the most special, because sometimes everyone stays gathered in the kitchen to share some more time together before we go off to enjoy game time or some other activity.

Most mornings, Daddy is out the door before the kids are up and, with two five year old children, our days stay far too busy. Dinnertime is oftentimes the first and, sometimes, only chance we have to sit together and just enjoy gathering during the work week. A key component of our dinnertime ritual is listening to our favorite music during (quietly) and after (loudly) our meal [think Neutral Milk Hotel, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, Beck, Arcade Fire, Beastie Boys….if you need a sense for the mood].

The photo is a moment I captured after dinner one night. Our daughter is loving on her Daddy and our son is dancing in the background.

Just a regular night at the Landingham home.

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  • We eat dinner every night as a family, too. In fact, even if my husband comes home late, I make my 3-year old wait until he gets home to eat dinner.

  • We have almost the same tradition, except Daddy and the girls rock out while dinner is being fixed. Seeing them having so much fun together is one of my favorite mommyhood moments. It reminds me that no matter how stressful the day might have been, I am so blessed to have a wonderful, happy and healthy family.

    • Love this!…and totally agree…my heart fills with gladness when I look around the table at my crew!

  • In our house, we always eat dinner as a family- even if my husband and I are eating something my daughter won’t touch, she waits until our food is ready and we wait for her — this is easy because she is only 2 and she can’t very well get her food herself! The month of February has presented us with a challenge because hubby is working until 6 everyday, thus pushing dinner back an entire hour+. I’ve become a little lax with afternoon snacks so that both kids (2 & 7 months) are happy waiting until 6:10 for dinner. I am very happy hubby works close to home! :O) I think we may institute music at dinner – we always had music playing as I was growing up, so why should my child’s dinner habits be any different?

  • My favoritd mommy moment lately is at bedtime when my 2 year old rubs my arm and says “mommy you’re the best” as she falls asleep each night. 🙂

  • We’re lucky…Daddy gets home between 4:30-5:00 and we’ve started eating at 5:30 now to get our night routine started earlier. The boys usually play with him while I’m getting dinner ready, then we all sit down and eat together. We listen to music a lot and they’ll be dancing in their chairs! I especially love it when my older son says, “Yummy dinner!!!”

  • Holding my 2 year old son at night while he plays with my hair and pats my back before he goes to sleep.

  • I can completely relate! Luckily, my husband is a huge help at bedtime so he is great at reading books and spending quality time with my older child.

    I’m dying to see Motherhood Musical!

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