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We’re Hiring! Join in the Fun

We’re Hiring! Join in the Fun

As those of you who have followed RCM from the beginning (way back in January!) know, this site has grown A LOT over the past few months. We’ve loved every minute of it and met some crazy cool moms along the way, but at the end of the day it takes time and resources to put this together and we’ve got to pay some bills.

Reality Sets In

That means, we need to sell some ads. Those companies currently on the site have essentially come to us which is wonderful and we love them for it, but we know that’s no way to do business. The problem is finding the time to tell more businesses about the wonderful opportunities on Rocket City Mom and why they should be on here too. What we need is a go-getter. The kind of mom (or dad) who LOVES to chat up their latest discoveries and believes in what we are doing. If you need some extra moolah and love the idea of working from home, we might have just the job for you!

You Know You Want to Be a Rocket City Mom

Rocket City Mom is currently in search of a marketing/advertising sales representative who will represent us and all we have to offer to the local small business community in Huntsville, Madison and North Alabama.

This is a commission based independent sales position.

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To apply, email with your info and why you think you would be perfect for the job or just send your resume. We’re easy.


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