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Batter Up!

Batter Up!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally written in April of 2011 but we’ve updated to reflect 2013 season information.

Ahhh! Spring is in the air. No, I am not talking about the showers of pollen in the air. It is time to take me out to the ball game. And our Huntsville Stars have some great deals to help take the family out to the ball park without a loan. Opening Day is today!

The Huntsville Stars stadium is large for a AA team, and that works out great with young children that might need a little extra room to move around. Since the Stars use general admission seating, you can pick your own seats (except for the ones marked reserved and those beside handicapped slots) that are near some empty seats. Attendance to the games has also dropped in these lean years, which means there are more good seats available. So, you don’t have to go up high to find a little extra room. My little one has been going to the Stars’ games since she was just a few weeks old. She will sit a bit in one seat, then another, walk with Daddy to another section and sit and visit with another little one.

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Homer the Skunk

There are other fun reasons to go to the ball games, too. The mascot for the Stars is Homer T. Polecat, a skunk. Homer visits with the children and signs autographs and participates in some of the side entertainment. He does not look scary, no big teeth and mean looks; although some children may find him scary. Usually there are several day games that can make it easy for children to attend or hard when it gets hot in the summer.

The Huntsville Stars 2013 season is even more kid-friendly than every before.  Tickets for 12 yo and under are now $5.00 (also $5.00 for military and over 55 years old).  Another deal is how the Stars have made it easy to just make a game when you can. Here are some of the ticket deals for the 2013 season.

There are many ways to make the family outing more affordable.  For instance, Saturday night youth wearing their team uniform, scout attire or dance costume get in FREE.  RocketCityMoms love that!  Also, Dew for Tuesday promotion is back.  A Mountain Dew bottle cap will get you $2.00 parking, and another cap will get you a $2.00 ticket and there will be $2.00 hotdogs and drinks (no cap necessary).

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You can also get a $4.00 discount ticket thanks to the sponsors listed below. Notice that it isn’t a 50% discount but, a $4.00 ticket.  So a youth ticket would also be $4.00.

  • Academy Sports + Outdoors – Cash Register Receipt
  • AUSA – AUSA membership card
  • Buffalo Rock – employee ID card
  • Costco – membership card
  • Geico – Valid insurance card
  • Huntsville Hospital – employee ID card
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union – RFCU check or credit card
  • SportsMED – Employee ID Card
  • Star Market & Discount Pharmacy – Cash Register Receipt

Check out the Stars on Facebook and at their official website to check the schedule and find these promotions and others.


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  • thanks for listing the “everyday deals”! i had no idea that RFCU members could get discounted tix and also did not know about the youth sports unis. hope i can win the tix, too!

  • Thanks for the great info! As a family we have never been to a game but we all love baseball!

  • We LOVE going to Stars games. I had no idea that I qualified for a couple of the discounts…good to know 🙂

  • Thanks Karen – my husband just said the other day he wanted to take our son to a game this year! Perfect timing for the info!

  • We will be definitely be enjoying some games this year, ESP with discounted tickets!!

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