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10 Easy and Genius Parenting Hacks

10 Easy and Genius Parenting Hacks

1. Onesies are designed that way for a reason.

onesie_hackWhen my kids were still in onesies I found out that they are made with the shoulders that way so you can pull the onesie down when they have a blowout so you aren’t pulling poopy clothes up over their heads. – Erica Danielle Campbell

2. Pizza cutters aren’t just for pizza.

parentinghack_pizzaCutting up pancakes/waffles with a pizza cutter. My mom had 4 kids and would even take her pizza cutter out to restaurants when she knew we’d be having pancakes. – Miranda Marrero Cohoon 

3. Layers are your friend.

Waterproof mattress liner -> fitted sheet -> liner -> sheet again… This way, no matter what happens in the middle of the night just take off the sheet and liner! Nothing like wrestling a crib or toddler mattress at 2am! –
Lyndsay Broad Abel

4. Simple is best.

parentinghack_sockpileBuy only one color/kind of socks, or don’t care if your kids’ socks match. Life is too short to match socks. – Kristy Williams

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5. To Go can be the perfect solution.


Ask for “to go” silverware at restaurants for the kids. Its usually way smaller than the real stuff. – Alyse Taylor

6. Naked means never missing a spot.
©Depositphotos | mangostock
©Depositphotos | mangostock

Apply sunscreen before the bathing suit. That way all places are covered even if the strap slips or shorts sag. – LeeAnna Colonnello

7. Buy All the Wipes!

parentinghacks_wipesKeep baby wipes all over the house. Buy them in bulk. They clean everything, from faces to booties to floors. – Michelle Brightwell

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8. Pee Pads are not just for dogs.
Not just for dogs! Who knew?
Who knew?

I use doggie pee pads in the carseat when potty training. Much easier than cleaning a carseat! – Bradley Lindsey

9. Post Its are handy for all kinds of reasons.

Cover the sensor on automatic flush toilets with a Post It or a few squares of toilet paper. No more flushing on the kids (thus scaring the bajeezus) out of them. – Sarah Morgan

10. Put frozen treats to work for you.

lunch box chillers Final.png
Buy applesauce pouches and yogurt tubes in bulk & freeze them – they make great lunch box chillers and defrost just in time for lunch at school or for a picnic in the park! Stephenie Walker


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