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Parent’s Guide to South Huntsville

Parent’s Guide to South Huntsville

South Huntsville is a fantastic place to raise a family, but settling into any new town is tricky and sometimes you just want some insider info on where the hotspots are! Especially when there are stir crazy kids in your house just itching to get out and explore their new territory.

Here are some tried & true spots that anyone new to the Rocket City should put on their to-do list. If you live in this part of town and have suggestions to add, we would love for you to leave us a comment with your tips!

First things first, the kids need a great playground to call home. Fortunately, South Huntsville is full of them!

Outdoor Play

  • McGucken Park: Lots of playground equipment for all ages, a covered pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms, and as home to Huntsville’s National League, it features tons of sports fields for every athlete in you home. Read the RCM review here
  • Fern Bell: The American League counterpart to McGucken, it features nearly all the same equipment and facilities. Difficult to find since it’s back behind the Whitesburg P-8 school. Turn in on Sanders off of Whitesburg and wind your way back until you see baseball diamonds. Note: the parking lot is a bit of a hike from the playground.
  • Kent Robertson Park: The wedge of land between the Parkway and Arsenal is home to this great playground which also features a covered pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms, and tennis/soccer/baseball facilities. Mom-tip: It is never crowded, so SHHH! don’t tell anyone else about it.
  • Kids’ Space: Although it’s currently under renovations, this is easily the largest and most popular park in the South Huntsville area.
  • Southside Park & Dog Park: With an archery range, dog park, disc golf course, and play equipment, this park has something for everyone. Read the RCM review here.
  • Willow Park: This is a quiet neighborhood park that has plenty of green space and play equipment to enjoy! Read the RCM review here

  • Jones Farm Park: This paved greenway is the perfect place to bring scooters, skates, big wheels, and excess energy! There are ponds with ducks and turtles and two small pavilions with picnic tables for a rest in the shade. The parking area is on Four Mile Post, but you can walk on over to Yogurt Mountain or Nothing Bundt Cakes on Carl T. Jones for a treat after you play. Mom-tip: Hit the potty before you hit the road, there are no restrooms at this park.
  • Aldridge Creek Greenway: Miles of paved greenway extend from the parking area on Mt. Gap (just west of Publix) all the way down to the Tennessee River and Ditto Landing Marina. This is the perfect place for cycling, running and walking all year. Mom-tip: Be courteous of others when frequenting this greenway, it is heavily traveled and there is nothing more terrifying as a cyclist than a little tot on a big wheel darting into your lane. There are restrooms and a small playground and pavilion at the parking area. Read the RCM Review here.
  • Ditto Landing: Want to pretend you’re somewhere on the coast? You can watch the boats, play on the small playground, or bike/walk the greenway along the Flint River.
  • Green Mountain: Beautiful 72-acre park with miles of hiking trails, a covered bridge, and pond with wildlife. There are tons of picnic tables, a large covered pavilion, and well-maintained restrooms. Mom-tip: A breathtaking spot all year – but second to none for a family picture location with fall color! Read the RCM Review here.
A covered bridge can be seen on the far side of a lake at Green Mountain Nature Trail.
Green Mountain Nature Trail is a gorgeous spot to enjoy some fresh air, have a picnic, or take a hike.

Indoor Fun

Sometimes the weather just isn’t great for outdoor play and you need somewhere inside to shake out the wiggles. Here’s a few options in South Huntsville.

  • The Matrix Gym – Head to Matrix Gym during one of their open gym times to bounce out some of those wiggles.
  • South Huntsville Library – Check out our RCM Review.
  • Southeast YMCA Splashpad – The littles will love splashing around in the indoor kid’s area or joining the big kids in the indoor pools.
A girl completes a puzzle in front of the galactic mural at the children's area of the South Huntsville Library.
A space mural take the children’s area to new heights.


Whether you have nailed down a sitter and are ready for a date night, or you are just escaping the kitchen to feed your family, South Huntsville has tons of dining options.

Date Night Dining
Family-Friendly Dining
  • Rosie’s Cantina – Loud enough that your rowdy kids won’t embarrass you.
  • Rolo’s –  American diner fare with a train track along the ceiling that will delight the kids.
  • Flyboy’s –  Inexpensive American fare with a giant chalkboard for the kids.
  • Drake’s – The extensive menu has something for everyone. I didn’t think sushi and burgers could both be good at the same place – but Drake’s has nailed it!
  • The Boot Pizzeria – Don’t let the exterior scare you off, the atmosphere inside is quite nice & the pizza is good. Try one of the inventive combinations on the menu, or pick your own favorite toppings.
  • Ichiban -Hibachi style Japanese steakhouse and fantastic sushi. Your kids will love the table-side food preparation on the hibachi grills.
  • Grimaldi’s Pizza – Enjoy traditional coal-fired pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizza. The kids will love playing with the dough that’s brought out especially for them while they wait on their order.

A toddler takes a large bite out of a slice of pizza at Grimaldi's Pizza in South Huntsville.
There’s plenty of great food options to devour in South Huntsville.

Miscellaneous Tips

BIRTHDAY PARTY GIFT SHOP STOP:  Mint Julep Monograms, The Sweet Pineapple and Little Cotton Shoppe has adorable baby gift options. Learning Express Huntsville is great for finding those perfect toys.

ICE CREAM/ FRO-YO: Baskin-Robbins off Whitesburg, Bruster’s Ice Cream on Cecil Ashburn, Mr. Naked Taco on Cecil Ashburn, & Yogurt Mountain on Carl T. Jones

GIRLS NIGHT OUT:  Drake’s has choices to meet everyone’s different tastes. Brix is little more upscale option. Spirited Art is a great option if you want an activity instead of dinner/drinks.

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FARMER’S MARKET: Latham UMC & Bailey Cove FM @ St. Thomas

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