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Slide into Fun at Willow Park in South Huntsville

Slide into Fun at Willow Park in South Huntsville

  • Located at 1928 Aftonbrae Drive, Huntsville
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If you have some competitive siblings on your hand or a kiddo that loves to slide, they’ll love Willow Park in South Huntsville. This park has several side-by-side slides perfect for racing or just for the kid that likes the adrenaline rush.

This park is located right off of Bailey Cove but can only be accessed through the quiet surrounding neighborhood. The park is made up of a single play structure, a swing set, a small walking trail, a large green space, and tennis courts. This park is great for the older kids, but still has a few things for the littles to enjoy as well.

Although there is only one structure, there is a smaller side for the younger visitors..

Willow Park At-a-Glance

Location: 1928 Aftonbrae Drive, Huntsville (map)

Willow Park Amenities: Baby swings (2), swings (2), sidewalk encircles playground for riding toys, bathrooms, benches for caregivers, softball/multi-purpose field, tennis court, walking trail into a small wooded area.

Situated in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, this park is a great visit for kids to run out their energy. The park backs up to Bailey Cove Road, but is fenced towards the road and is a decent distance from the parking lot, so the runners should be fairly safe here. There’s also a large field they’ll love as well as a paved path through a small wooded area that’s the perfect backdrop for those imaginations.

The playground is made up of a single plastic/metal structure with eight slides, monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, a tunnel, stairs, and more. For the kids that love to race or challenge each other, this park is the perfect destination with tons of side-by-side slides and space to run. Although the play set is only made up of one structure, there is a shorter side that includes a small slide for the little kids.

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The wooded area is a great backdrop for the little’s imaginations.

Know Before You Go

Willow Park can be a great place to explore if you’re looking for somewhere new to visit. Here’s some tips to help make the visit even better:

  • There’s not much shade other than the wooded area, so be sure to come prepared with sunscreen, and to bring plenty of hydration on those hot days.
  • Although the bathrooms are close to the playgrounds, there is not a changing table in them. We opted to use the backseat of our car, but there’s also a few benches where a blanket could be laid down in a pinch.
  • The playground is only partially fenced, so keep an eye on the runners. This is a fairly low-traffic park though.
  • The playground is encircled with sidewalk and there’s sidewalk going into the wooded area, so be sure to bring the push toys.
The competitive kiddos will love racing down one of the side-by-side slides.

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