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Hit the Road From Huntsville

Hit the Road From Huntsville

So you’ve decided that this is the year you’ll stop banking all those vacation days and actually USE them. In a recent survey, 37% of participants put travel plans on hold while 15% opted for a staycation. Don’t become part of the statistics! Here are our favorite ways to hit the road, explore the world, and spend time with your family.

Backyard Roadtrips & Beyond

14 Easy Day Trips from Huntsville – our collection of parent-tested day trips are great ways to see how well your kids do on shorter day excursions!

Even More Great Easy Day Trips
Falls Mill in Elora, TN 
Hiking Road Trips in North Alabama With Kids
Muscle Shoals with Kids 
Skiing with Kids in Mentone 
Exploring Decatur with Kids 

Family Travel on a Budget
Part One: Tips & Tricks as You Plan  
Part 2: You’re There! Now What? 

Beyond the Backyard
Almost Deported: A Lesson on International Travel
Carnival Cruising with Kids

Escape to the Beach
Our Favorite Beaches
Our Pensacola Weekend
Beach Hacks for Busy Families

Take a Long Weekend

Chattanooga, TN
Atlanta, GA
Nashville, TN
Birmingham, AL

What are your family vacation plans this year? Share your ideas with other Huntsville-area parents in the comments!

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