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Delano Park and Splash Pad in Decatur

Delano Park and Splash Pad in Decatur

  • 825 Gordon Drive SE, Decatur AL
  • Playground open year round from 8AM - Dusk
  • Splashpad open Memorial Day - Labor Day from 10AM-7PM
Delano Park in Decatur AL boy on slide

There’s a little something for everyone on the 30 acres of Delano Park in Decatur. At 130+ years old, the park is recognized as a designed historic landscape and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you have little ones, you’ll love the large splash pad that was built with the mission of accessibility and fun for all children. The splash pad has a large open surface surrounded by stone and concrete benches. There is beauty all around you as the park offers a variety of trees, shrubs, sculptures, and flowers and you feel in the middle of nature.

Delano Park Collage.jpg

Delano Park Features

There is plenty of seating, and if you want to bring a blanket for picnic, there is open grassy areas located outside the gate beside the splash pad.

Through one gate is a state of the art “boundless” playground, which was created to fill the need of every child to play in a safe, accessible environment. This playground has everything and it’s BIG! Your kids will enjoy sliding, climbing, swinging, and more! The covered platforms and trees offer shade, and the ground is covered in a soft mat. There are restrooms on site and parking is available along the edges of the park.

Delano 4 Final.jpg
Delano Park is a beautiful place to picnic!

Through another gate is trail through a small botanical garden with beautiful rocks and sculptures incorporated in the landscape. My four year-old son had fun skipping along and spotting all the animals. There is even a stone bandstand. And if you venture across a small street, you’ll enjoy another beautiful garden, lush with flowers and trees.

Park Amenities

 • One 60×100 asphalt play area with 4 basketball goals

• Delano Park Bridge

• One set volleyball standards

• One set badminton standards

• Delano Park Splash Pad

• Rose Garden

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825 Gordon Drive SE, Decatur AL (map)
View Website
To report a problem, call 256-341-4760. After 5PM and on weekends, call 911 to report emergencies or rules violations.

This review was initially posted in June 2014 and has been updated with the most current information. 

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