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Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day activities for Kids

Love is in the air, and we thought you might like some of our favorite Valentine’s Day treats, crafts, and ideas to help you celebrate with your family!

The Way to My Heart Is Through My Stomach

Food has always been a thoughtful thing to treat your loved ones to – it’s part edible art and part craft, and you can pour a whole lot of love into it too!

Make Dinner at Home for the Family… or For Two
Do something different a put together these recipes for a special meal to serve your whole family on Valentine’s Day. If you’re lucky enough to have grandparents to send the kids to, there’s a delightful menu for a romantic dinner for two there as well.

healthy valentine snacks melon sticks

Fun & Healthy Valentine Snacks for Kids
I can’t wait to surprise my kids with these adorable emoji-eye fresh fruit treats! The cereal heart bracelets and heart-shaped avocado toast are super cute too.

Parties, Poetry, & Practicing Kindness


Party Animal!
If you’re brave enough to throw a giant Valentine’s Party for your neighborhood, look to Katie and her annual shindig for inspiration. This no-fuss party is a great way to show the love to your neighbors!

Valentine's Day


Cupid’s Got Nothing On This Bug

Teaching kids about kindness is something we should be doing year-round, but especially on Valentine’s Day. Have you heard about The Love Bug? Try it and see if your kids aren’t just chomping at the bit to do something nice for someone else.

Roses Are Red…
If Dads wrote Valentine poetry about parenting and class parties, THIS is what is would look like.

Get Your Craft On!

Confession time: I’m a terrible crafter. Things never turn out how I think they should. But my kids love it, so I soldier on. That said, even I was able to do some of these thoughtful Valentine’s Day crafts, and they make great gift for friends & family!

Valentine’s Day for Parents

Do kids really need to dominate yet another holiday? Valentine’s Day is really for sweeties, right? You and your Significant Other can have some kid-free fun in Huntsville with these grown-up picks!

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This post was originally published in 2018 and information has been updated.


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