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Where to Exercise with Young Children in Huntsville

Where to Exercise with Young Children in Huntsville

Working out with young children. Sounds like a trick statement, right? But it is possible and Huntsville has several options of family exercise classes to help you break a sweat either with your little one or while wearing them!

Babywearing while doing housework can be a tough workout and a necessity some days, but there is something about hearing other moms children having a melt down in public that makes you not feel alone and like you have found ‘your people’. Sweat it out with other mommas that get it. Classes are great for accountability and making new mom friends – which is tough!

We want our children to have a healthful outlook of their bodies and exercise. Our children are forming healthy habits now that can last a lifetime. Never talk about weight or negative things about your body around children. When exercising talk about doing this to grow more muscles and to get stronger and faster. Always positive and never talk about weight.

There are lots of fun ways to workout with your toddler at home too!  

Huntsville Ballet School

Mommy & Me Ballet (ages 2 & 3) – This upbeat and fun class focuses on movement, rhythm and coordination. It features basic movements to prepare for Creative dance (the next class up without parents). You can wear your younger child if needed, and the extra 20 pounds or so will kick up this mild workout up a notch. The mom/caregiver does the movements along with the child. 1 class per week, 1 hour sessions. 8 Children max in class.

Hike It Baby

A franchise that has made it to Huntsville is Hike It Baby Huntsville.
There is a local Facebook Group and website that discusses upcoming hikes. It includes urban stroller walks, trail hiking, and park and play events, and focuses on spending time in nature and building a respect for the outdoors while hiking. The hikes vary from stroller-friendly to babywearing-only trails in the surrounding Huntsville area.


This franchise has been in Huntsville for seven years now with both Madison and Huntsville classes offered. Fit4Mom has several classes available; Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby, Strides 360, Body Boost, (mom only class), Body Ignite (mom only class), and a Body Well health session. First class is free. Single class $20, 10 class pack $169, or $89 for unlimited classes each month.

This is a great workout and the most intense of the workouts listed. Bring your own stroller and yoga mat/pad, water for you your kids. The class incorporates resistance bands, jogging and floor work. There is also upbeat music and even bubbles and stickers for you and the kids. They also have several meet ups and playgroups that stem from this core group. Pus, it’s a great place to get plugged in and acquire some new mom friends. Check out Fit4Mom online for more information and the latest happenings. Check out our parent review here.

It’s Fun to Play at the YMCA

Keep an eye on the local YMCA branches that offer classes and let them know you’re interested in a babywearing class. They also offer classes at certain times of the year for families to do together. Past classes include: Kid Fit, Dance Dance Revolution, Zumba for Kids, and Family Yoga. Call or visit

Huntsville Hospital Wellness Centers

Huntsville Hospital Wellness Centers have offered aerobics babywearing classes in the past, but currently do it when there’s a demand. Get some friends together, and put in your class request!

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Play Games at Home

A fun game you can do at home to incorporate movement, is the Memory Yoga Game – from Think Games found on Amazon. This is the classic memory game but with kids doing yoga poses. Match up the poses and complete the move on the card. The guide tells you the name of the official pose that corresponds with the game pieces. Your child will be doing downward dog and tree pose in no time.

Be a Self-Starter

Start your own Mommy and Me work out group with your friends! Next Door App meet ups? Church? School? Huntsville Botanical Garden is a favorite place for a mom meet up or solo with your children to stroller, babywear and the mini splash pads in the Children’s Garden are always a good time for the littles.

Get out there and move, Mamas!

Please call ahead before heading to a class listed above. Sometimes class schedules and availability changes without notifying RCM. This post was originally published in September of 2018 and updated for 2022.

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