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Lunch at Pita Levant Features Fab Falafel

Lunch at Pita Levant Features Fab Falafel

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Any Generation X-er who ever had a killer stereo probably had a graphic equalizer, which enabled you to boost or cut much narrower frequency ranges than standard controls did. I loved mine… until I hated it. One day it occurred to me that I was fiddling with it all the time at the expense of my greater happiness. Now just give me a bass knob and a treble knob, and I’m fine.

It may be useful to consider Pita Levant, Huntsville’s newest eastern Mediterranean eatery, in this context. This lunch-only place has a systematic menu that just gives you a few choices up front, but still gives you plenty of variety as you move through its steps. Lea, the boys, and I went by one recent Saturday afternoon.

Pita Levant is fast casual, with an airy dining area. Most of the offerings are right up front and on display, and you accompany your friendly server as you step through and your plate or pita takes shape. Choose your protein, then your toppings, and finally your sauces. That’s only going to cost you $8-10, whether you get a plate or a pita. Numerous sides (including baklava for dessert!) are $3-4 each.

The Pita Levant Menu

Chicken, steak, and gyro meat are available. For vegetarians, falafel is available both as a primary protein and as a side. Between the four of us, we hit all of them, in both plate and pita form.

pita levant

I had the steak shawerma, with shepherd’s salad and hummus. The steak was flavorful, and the salad was pleasantly piquant, particularly for this time of year. Aaron also got a plate, but with chicken shawerma, and accompanied with couscous, sumac onion, and Levant pesto. There were a lot of new flavors here for him, and he was pleased with his selections. (I might have had a taste too.) There are several interesting sides at Pita Levant that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Lea and Nathan stayed with more familiar territory, each getting a gyro. This is a thoroughly baselined favorite for us, and there are several around town of which we think highly, so for each of them to rank them comparable is high praise.

We had some freshly fried falafel, which might be my single favorite item in this cuisine. Every time I get some I think “you know, I could make a meal of just these.” I may go do that sometime soon. We shared some baklava for dessert, and enjoyed that impossibly flaky and delightful phyllo experience with the mild sweetness. (OK, maybe my falafel meal is falafel and baklava.)

Most of the food on the line is freshly replenished throughout the day, and the things that we ordered that needed to be cooked on demand actually beat me to the table while I was getting my drink. This bodes well for lunch in a hurry, as well as impatient children.

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Pita Levant for Kids

Speaking of, there is no dedicated children’s menu in evidence, so if it’s chicken fingers or nothing for your little one, then Pita Levant might not be the best play. However, for a more adventurous tyke, or perhaps one who’s up for familiar ingredients in somewhat unfamiliar-looking dishes, there are ample branching-out opportunities here.

Highchairs are available. Both restrooms are clean single-seaters, but there are no changing tables. (There is room for them, so perhaps this will be remedied soon.)

We enjoyed a delicious meal, reasonable prices, and a personable staff on our visit to Pita Levant, and I’m looking forward to return visits. Again, Pita Levant is lunch only, so plan accordingly.

Pita Levant Details

Address: 6125 University Dr. NW, Huntsville AL (map)
Phone: 256-585-2444
Hours: Open Monday through Sunday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
View Website | Pita Levant on Facebook

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