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Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria & Gelateria in Madison

Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria & Gelateria in Madison

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Sam & Greg’s is an old friend of ours, having been the go-to pizzeria in downtown Huntsville for well over a decade. Alas, it seems they’ve been asked to vacate their space without sufficient notice to make contingency plans, so it will soon close for an indefinite period of time. Fortunately, there is a Madison location, and we were pleased to visit for dinner recently.

Sam & Greg’s in Madison is the order-at-the-counter-and-then-they-bring-it flavor of fast casual. It’s also one of those places that makes you look around and think “wow, what a neat space!” There are fun little details to discover all over both levels — yes, there’s an extensive upstairs — and the wide open spaces are refreshingly luxuriant. You could get a lot of people in here comfortably. Keep that in mind next time you have a team party to plan or big group to please.

Sam & Greg's pizzeria & gelato

The Sam & Greg’s Menu

We started with fresh bread knots for an appetizer. Served with marinara, these are available with or without jalapeño slices baked in, and we got half and half. They were delicious and vanished quickly. You can also get them with cheese, and there is a hummus plate available as well.

If you’re after a traditionally-topped pizza, Sam & Greg’s has you covered with all of the expected meats and vegetables. But they’ve also got an extensive specialty game, with offerings like the Cajun (including shrimp, crawfish, and andouille sausage), the buffalo chicken, and the Southwestern. Prices range from $6 for a personal cheese pizza to $25 for a 16” specialty. There is also gluten-free crust available in the 10” size, and you can turn any personal pizza into a stromboli for a slight additional charge.

We went with a 16” meat lovers, including pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, and bacon; and a 16” buffalo chicken, with buffalo ranch sauce, chicken, bacon, onion, and green pepper. Both were generously topped and satisfyingly flavorful, and after eating our fill, we actually went home with five slices. (This is in a party of four that included two teenage boys and a fat guy, so that’s pretty impressive value. Order accordingly.)

If you enjoy a cold beer with your pizza, Sam & Greg’s also offers local brews Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer & BluePants on tap. Busy families can also take advantage of the convenience of ordering their pies online and picking it up in the Sam & Greg’s drive-through.

Other Menu Options

If you’ve found yourself in a pizzeria but wanting something else, Sam & Greg’s has an unexpectedly deep list of alternatives. Stalwart sandwiches like the classic meatball sub are available, but there are also surprises like a muffuletta or Greek pita. There are also salad offerings, and the full range of pizza toppings is available for customization here as well.

gelato sam & greg's

Don’t Skip Dessert!

Failure to save room for dessert at Sam & Greg’s is a significant tactical blunder you don’t want to make, because there is gelato! This Italian ice cream is made right in-house, providing a delightfully light and smooth finish. Ask for a free taste if you’re not sure what you want. Dishes and cones are available, as are milkshakes (including spiked, for grown-ups!). You can also take a pint, quart, or gallon home with you.

Sam & Greg’s for Kids

The Sam & Greg’s children’s menu selections include cheese pizza and chicken strips for only $4 each, including a child’s drink. A $2.50 junior gelato is also offered. Both highchairs and booster seats are available, and both restrooms include changing tables.

Whether you’re after a night out with friends, a lunch date, a family dinner, or even just drinks or coffee, the Sam & Greg’s experience is a satisfying one. We’re sad that we’ll be without Sam & Greg’s downtown for a little while, but happy that we have the Madison location!

Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria & Gelateria

Address: 364 Hughes Road, Madison AL (map)
Phone: (256) 772-9888
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 11AM-9PM | Friday & Saturday, 11AM-10PM | Sunday 11AM-8PM
Sam & Greg’s on the Web | Sam & Greg’s on Facebook

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