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Find Your Way to Wayback Burgers in Huntsville

Find Your Way to Wayback Burgers in Huntsville

Wayback Burgers Huntsville

Hamburger and French fries and ketchup and Coke.
– Bo Williams, 1975 to 1981

That was my standing order anyplace we went to eat until I was most of ten years old, recited in a somewhat singsong manner. What kind of restaurant was it? It didn’t matter. The hamburger was gustatory nirvana, so if they had that, who cares what else they had? Why complicate things?

I’ve since embraced most of the cuisines of my country (and indeed, my planet) to some degree, though I’ve never lost a core interest in a good burger. Is that you, too? Well, fortunately, the premium burger place, at which the idea is to pay a little more than fast food for a lot better burger, is thriving. We just got our first Wayback Burgers on University, across from the Super Target. The model is classic fast casual, with a vague ‘50s/’60s diner vibe to the décor.(“Wayback,” you know.)

The Wayback Menu

Given the name, the menu was a little broader than I expected. There are numerous burgers available, but there are also chicken sandwiches, cod fillets, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, salads, and an extensive selection of sides, with hand-crafted milkshakes either accompanying or finishing out, depending on our preference.

Lea stepped off the burger path and went with chicken tenders, which were served with a choice of six sauces. They were freshly fried and appealingly crisp. Aaron had a patty melt, with Swiss, grilled onions, and Thousand Island dressing, of which he spoke highly. We all shared a family-sized order of fries, in our haste missing the opportunity to get “O-Fries,” which is half fries and half onion rings. The fries have skin on, which I really like.

Nathan went with a Double Bacon, which is one of the larger standard offering burgers on the menu, though you do have the option to start with triple burgers on the customize-your-own section of the menu.

I had… the most ridiculous burger I’ve ever seen in person. Among the burger selections is a meat monolith called the Triple Triple, which you mathletes will quickly conclude contains nine beef patties and nine slices of cheese. (The picture had lettuce and tomato, so I added that to mine too. Plus, you know, balanced nutrition. Heh.) There are two relevant numbers flanking its menu photo: $17.99 and 2200 calories.

Well, I had to get one. How could I review a place offering such and pass up that photo opportunity?

Wayback Burgers Huntsville

The photos were the easy part. Eating such a thing was another task entirely. Before it was sitting in front of me, I thought I’d “smoosh” it down to a tall, but manageable, bite height. Well, it’s not so smooshable. There’s just too much meat. So then I cut a wedge, and that wasn’t so successful either. Unless you’re going to punt all the way to knife and fork, you have to commit to either bare-handing meat on the top or the bottom, or using a French fry or two as a makeshift bun.

Wayback Burgers Huntsville

My Triple Triple was delicious, disappearing pleasantly and causing me no later distress. (Disclaimers: Aaron helped me with about 20% of it, and I did skip supper.) If you have a few folks (or a fat guy) to feed, plunge without reservation.

We finished out with milkshakes, which were tasty indeed. The most photogenic was Nathan’s pumpkin pie milkshake with caramel drizzle, which I presume will be available through Thanksgiving. My strawberry banana and Aaron’s chocolate vanished quickly.

Wayback Burgers Kids Menu

The children’s menu includes a choice of cheeseburger, chicken tenders, hot dog, or grilled cheese, each coming with fries and a drink for $5. Highchairs are available. Restrooms are clean single-seaters, but they do not include changing tables.

Wayback Burgers Huntsville

There is a lot more to try at Wayback Burgers, and I’m looking forward to returning. As convenient as it is to Research Park in Huntsville, I suspect a bustling lunch business is a certainty. They’re products toward the premium end, with prices toward the value end. Who’s not a fan of that?

Details for Wayback Burgers in Huntsville

Location: 6290 University Drive (map)
Phone: (256) 532-9009
Hours: Monday through Sunday, 10:30 am – 9 pm
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Wayback Burgers Huntsville


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