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3 Fun Activities to Do With Your Family at Rocket City RC Club

3 Fun Activities to Do With Your Family at Rocket City RC Club

Huntsville RC Club

As a father, I always try to find new and fun activities for my family. Recently, I made some research on the Internet and bumped into the Rocket City Radio Controllers (RC) Club. My kids wanted to know more about the radio-controlled airplanes, maybe even guide one, and it proved an incredible experience.

Spending quality time with my family is the most important thing. I try to take my kids out of our daily routine by making them a surprise once in a while. The visit to the RC Club proved to be fun and constructive. We spent time outdoors and learned how the airplanes work. After the first visit we decided to get a “toy” for ourselves and come back.

Huntsville RC club

1. Teach Your Kids How to Fly

When I choose activities for my children, I always look for something authentic and recreational, but also educational. At the RC Club, my kids were able to get hands-on with the radio-controlled technology and understand the mechanics behind flying an airplane. It is a STEM family’s dream come true!

My wife and I are passionate about radio controlled cars, and we found more information and reviews about which airplanes or cars are great to have. It helped us choose a radio controlled vehicle that was best for our family.

I cannot describe in words how fascinated my kids were about the little “flying birds.” They immediately got into it, and the club members were very kind and welcoming.

2. Just Watch or Join the Competition

Now and then the club organizes different competitions and events. Events are announced on the club’s page, which is kept updated.

RC club

We were there for the first time for the “christening” of the new runway, and we found a great community, kind people, a great family atmosphere. We immediately made friends, so we decided to come back.

More About the Club

Rocket City Radio Controllers, Inc. (RCRC) is an AMA-chartered radio controlled aircraft club located in Huntsville, Alabama. It was founded back in 1971.

They have an open membership policy where everyone and every type of aircraft is welcome. There are members from all walks of life including active duty and retired military, families, and youth members – youth memberships are FREE! The Club consists of all types of pilots and aircraft: from trainers, pattern, scale, big birds, war birds, jets, electrics of every size, 3D, home-made/scratch-built, helicopters, quad/hex copters, night flyers with LED lights, and first person view (FPV).

The facilities of the club include a 50′ x 600′ Runway (36/18), covered pits and weather station with power, air-conditioned clubhouse, Crash Investigation and Retrieval Vehicle (Golf Cart), Restroom, vending machine and more. Mornings and weekends are the most popular flying times. Stop by and visit any time you see the gate open.

3. Contribute to a Good Cause

What I liked most about the club is that they also have a charity-oriented mission. In November you can participate in an exceptional event: Toys for Tots. RC fans and families can come fly with us and bring their donations for the toy drive. There will be fun fly games and you can ask the club members about their fly tips and advice.

For the ones that want to join this initiative, the landing fee is $25 (or toy donation of the same value). All proceeds go directly to Toys for Tots Foundation. It’s such a fantastic opportunity to have fun and also join a good cause!

Also, both adults and kids can contribute by getting involved in the organization of this type of events if they decide to join the club. There are many ways for youngsters to contribute to their community and this can be one of them.

Rocket City RC Club Details

Address: 4100 Leeman Ferry Road SW, Huntsville (map)
View Website | Rocket City RC Club on Facebook

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Ragon has a passion for remote control toys. He has been collecting them since he was just 9 years old. His collection consists of helicopters, drones, cars, buggies and so much more.


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