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Lucky You – Poems About Parenting for St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky You – Poems About Parenting for St. Patrick’s Day

Parenting is full of pitfalls, and sometimes even the best laid plans and intentions really need one key ingredient: luck. It’s only fitting that our resident poet put together some St. Patrick’s Day poems to commemorate the holiday for parents everywhere.

St. Paddy’s Black and Blues

I feel pretty bad,
I forgot to get green clothes,
And the kids got pinched.

All Irish Today

Leprechauns, clovers, and pots of gold,
Corned beef and cabbage served hot, not cold,
Banshees and luck and tales of old,
We’re all Irish today, truth be told.

The Parade

I watch the parade
Kids sitting down, curbside.
Green glitter abounds.

St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick drove the snakes away,
And now we celebrate his day,
With cabbages and Corned beef lean,
And beverages that are dyed green,
We’ll watch some films like The Quiet Man,
Of Darby O’Gill I am a fan,
Sing sweet songs in a tenor voice,
Reread stories by James Joyce,
And tell tales of banshees and other creeps
As we lay the wee ones down to sleep,
And that is how we’ll wile away,
On this wonderful St. Paddy’s Day.

Different Day

When I wasn’t dad,
St. Patrick’s meant pubs, but now
It means green cupcakes.

Room Mom

Thank Goodness we don’t
Have to plan a school party
For this holiday.

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