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Halloween Haikus by Dad

Halloween Haikus by Dad

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Every Dad, A Giant

“You are my Hagrid!”
My girl says, dressed as Harry
Potter and beaming.

The Horror, The Horror

“I won’t have nightmares!”
She cries, monsters on TV.
Knocks on door later.

Tax Code

Bag full of candy;
Ten percent goes to daddy;
Tax lessons for kids.

Spread it Around

Raking leaves, small voice,
“Can I help,” while in mid-leap.
Spreading love and leaves.

Tricks Over Treats

” What are you doing?”
Wife asks, while daddy and girls
Sneak out with TP.


They fly through the house,
Like witches upon their brooms.
Magic? Nope; sugar.

Themed Costumes

Our costumes this year:
She wants to be Han Solo,
Which makes me Leia.

Costume Choice

Girls’ costume or boys’?
It doesn’t matter at all
As long as they smile.

Scary Story

(based on true events)
My girls want scary
Stories. I tell them about
This year’s election.

Hallow’s End

Eyes closed, sweet angel,
Opens them briefly to say,
” I love you, daddy.”

Hallow’s Eve Toast

Here’s to shorter, darker days;
To cold and bitter nights.
Here’s to tales of ghosts and ghouls
Designed to give us frights.
Here’s to kids dressed up to scare
The candy out of neighbors,
Witches brooms and scary masks,
Magic wands and lightsabers.
Here’s to Halloween, my friends,
Let’s go out to Trick or Treat,
Perhaps this year we’ll get lucky
And the Great Pumpkin we will meet.

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[themify_box style=”orange”]Benjamin ShapiroABOUT THE AUTHOR: Benjamin Shapiro graduated from Washington College with a BA in Philosophy. He is a transplant to Huntsville from Baltimore, MD. Ben is a stay at home dad to two lovely daughters. He currently has a collection of poetry entitled “Dance of the Entwined Branches” available for the Amazon Kindle HERE.[/themify_box]


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