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Libby Liberty To Visit Area Students and Hold Book Signing

Libby Liberty To Visit Area Students and Hold Book Signing

libertybobjones12216-0141This Thursday morning over 925 area second, third, and fifth grade students will be venturing to Huntsville High to attend the Next Great Americans Kickoff! Over 425 students attended a kickoff at Grissom High a couple of weeks ago. The Super Citizen Kickoff is civics come to life through Libby Liberty as she steps down from her pedestal to create excitement for upcoming lessons on liberty and freedom!

Former Broadway actress, Kristen Sharp, who portrays Libby Liberty, was in New York City on September 11th and “stood in Times Square as ash fell like rain,” which ultimately led her home to Birmingham. Working with today’s youth is close to Sharp’s heart as on that tragic day in American history, she “also saw people coming together as one.”

Sharp notes, “I get the kids excited and then they head to classrooms to learn really important lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, and our Great American Story.”

Upon attending last week’s kickoff with Auburn City Schools, I was awestruck to witness an auditorium full of children eager to learn about Libby, while wearing her crowns, signing songs, and waving the American flag. Selected by their teachers, over a dozen children even joined Libby on stage. Smiles on the faces of kiddos and educators lit up the auditorium as they prepared to embark on the 10 week journey of interactive learning. Cheering erupted when the students learned Libby Liberty would be returning at the end of the program to celebrate and learn what they discover!

Special Appearance at Books-A-Million Huntsville

Super Citizens of all ages are invited to a free interactive event and book signing with Libby Liberty Thursday, September 22nd, at 6 p.m. at the Books-A-Million Huntsville location to learn about freedom, liberty, and what it means to be a super citizen. “Libby Liberty: In Search of Super Citizens” and “The Patriot’s Handbook for Kids” are two recently-released books that reinforce Libby’s mission. Proceeds from book sales go directly back into the school programs. The address for the evening event is 1001-7 N Memorial Parkway.


Homeschool parent? Don’t miss out on the Super Citizens Kit

The Super Citizen Program is made possible by the Liberty Learning Foundation whose aim is to “arm educators with free teaching tools that empower students with an understanding of history, heritage and the great American ideals that are fundamental to the success of our Next Great Americans.” 

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Info from Liberty Learning Foundation:

The students attending this week’s kickoff are from Whitesburg, Williams, Jones Valley, Ridgecrest, Highlands and Morris Schools. The first performance kicked off the Super Citizen Program at Grissom High and included more than 425 students from Chaffee (5th graders), Farley (2nd and 4th graders), and McDonnell (2nd and 5th graders) Schools.

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