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Drumstixx Southern Grill

Drumstixx Southern Grill

Just another reason not to ever judge a place – especially in the South – by a subtle exterior! I can’t tell you how many times I drove right by this gem! For over a year now (since my children started going to New Century High School), I saw Drumstixx Southern Grill on the corner of Sparkman and Jordan Lane.

Between school orientations, my children and I went as a “Well, it’s close and orientation at AAA doesn’t start for two hours, so let’s go there so we can stay close!” Best last-minute convenience decision ever!

Drumstixx logoDrumstixx has a friendly atmosphere and was warm and welcoming. Antonio (the owner), Cory (the chef) and the hostesses always welcome you with smiles, the occasional fresh cakes and off-the-menu items. Plus, there’s always a special!

Just a few logistics; it’s a “place your order, pay and take a seat” kind of restaurant with sit-in or take-out options (similar to a few other restaurants in town). There’s ample parking in the lot and entry ways from either corner – either from the Family Dollar side (off Jordan) or off of Sparkman. There are two bathrooms, but for the moment, possibly because it hasn’t come up yet – there isn’t a changing table. (Side note: there is enough room should a few requests come in for one – hint hint!)

Drumstixx Collage

There’s bar, counter, high table, booth seating and outdoor seating, televisions for distraction, and a children’s menu with five options all under $4.00! And what’s more, the food is delicious!

My daughter dragged me after the first day of school to go back for their wings. I’ll be bold and call them “signature wings”. Now, I’ve been to a few wing joints here in Huntsville and Madison, and though I have to give them snaps (well two of them snaps), Drumstixx takes wings to a whole new level! When I tell you this place has some of the best, juicy, crunchy, saucy wings I have EVER had, as a Jersey girl, I’m telling you – you have to check this place out just to try to prove me wrong! Be sure to try their “whole wings” with honey barbeque sauce and their shrimp with “sweet hot” sauce.

Feel free to call in advance to place your order!

Drumstixx Southern Grill

Address: 2501-C Jordan Lane (map)
Phone: 256-469-7406
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11AM-10PM | Sunday 1PM-7PM
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