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Review: Alice’s Garden of Wonders

Review: Alice’s Garden of Wonders

There is a whole wonderland to explore at the Huntsville Botanical Garden! “Experience Wonderland — take a tumble down the rabbit hole and explore Alice’s Garden of Wonders,” a new exhibit at The Garden, and you’ll have fun seeing the many characters throughout the property.

We took a special map from the front desk and had fun playing hide-and-seek, wondering if we would see a character around every turn! Enjoy the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which features a really long table and wooden tree stump stools where you and your kids can sit.

  • Play the Queen of Hearts Chess on an extra-large chess board.
  • Explore through the Door Maze — we enjoyed finding the door that my son’s class made!
  • Cool off at the giant Teapot and Teacup.
  • See the Looking Glass Trees.
  • Dig in the sand at the Queen’s Castle.
  • See the Jabberwocky and Tweedledee & Tweedledum’s home next door.
  • Get your picture made at The Rose Tree!
You can easily spend all day at the Garden exploring this new installation!
You can easily spend all day at the Garden exploring this new installation!

Our Favorites

Don’t miss “A Caucas Race and A Long Tale”. And our favorite exhibit was The Queen’s Croquet and the giant Cheshire Cat where we got to see a giant picnic table and oversized playing cards form a croquet course. It really is fun for the whole family!

We always enjoy the Children’s Garden and the Butterfly House, which now has butterflies, turtles and quail.

Alice Mad Hatter Final.jpg

What to Bring

Be sure you wear sunscreen and a lot of kids wear swim clothes because there are many places to cool off in The Garden. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks. Restrooms are located at the entrance and in the Butterfly House. There are wagons available to pull kids and all your gear!

And don’t forget your camera! Everything is blooming and The Garden is so beautiful this time of year.


The Alice’s Garden of Wonders will be there through August 31.
Location:  4747 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville AL 35805
Phone: 256-830-4447
Admission: $12 per adult, $8 per child ages 3 to 18, $10 per senior (55+), $10 for military or student (must show ID), Children 2 and under and members of The Garden are FREE.


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