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Supper Heroes Restaurant Review

Supper Heroes Restaurant Review

[sws_blue_box box_size=”501″]EDITOR’S NOTE: We recently interviewed Lexie, one of our awesome Rocket City Mom writers, after she took her little Batman to review the new Supper Heroes restaurant we’ve heard so much about. Be sure to read more RCM Dining Reviews before you head out to grab a bite with your family! [/sws_blue_box]

Supper Heroes Details:

Address: 1812 Winchester Rd., Huntsville, Alabama
Phone: (256) 929-1976
Price: For a family of 3, including two adults and 1 child, the bill came to $21 before tip.

Was it clean and well-maintained? Details please! Supper Heroes has a great family atmosphere. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted by friendly wait staff. We had heard there is usually a wait, so we decided to get there early.  We got there at about 5:00pm on a Saturday night and still had a 10 minute wait. By the time we left at 6:00pm, people were fighting over our parking spot in the parking lot! NOTE: GET THERE EARLY!!!

Free arcade games help when there's a wait!
Free arcade games help when there’s a wait!

If there is a villain at all at Supper Heroes, it is their building. They are bursting at the seams, and desperately need more space for their booming business. One place this was obvious was in their floor plan.

If you do wait to be seated, you can sit in their “waiting room”, which is located to the side and in the back. The room itself was really cool, as it had an old arcade game machine that let you play old 80s Atari type games like Joust for free! However, when the crowds came out in force, there were people crammed into that waiting room, and all over the parking lot outside. People kept walking back and forth from the waiting room to outside, which leads to just a bunch of people constantly in transit scooting around tables where people are eating. Kind of awkward.

The music was family friendly, and the one thing my fanboy Husband and I disagreed on. He felt that it should have been more “Super Hero” themed, like soundtracks from the Batman movies, etc. I thought it was a good mix. Within the 1 hour we were there, we heard Nirvana, Garth Brooks, The Temptations, Eric Clapton, Fiona Apple, and Journey. Not many places have a playlist that varied and good!

Did it have high chairs, boosters, clean bathrooms, changing tables?
They do have both booster seats and high chairs, but you have to request them. The bathroom could have used a Super Hero. It also fell victim to the small building space. The building was obviously something else before it was a restaurant because the bathroom contains a toilet, sink, and shower! There is only one unisex toilet available at a time. There is no changing table. When I went into the bathroom at around 5:45pm (still fairly early in the evening) there was toilet paper everywhere and nefarious looking liquid puddling on the floor. They did have a cute sign showing a cartoon germ stating, “Fight germs! Wash your hands!” From a family point of view, since it was a contained room instead of the traditional stall format, it would be easy to keep little kids together.

“The Arnold” and the “Used Car Salesman” were delish!

What’s on the Supper Heroes menu?
Supper Heroes is a cute concept, and I bet they would be busy no matter what the menu is. But their menu is a shining star!!! It is definitely worthy of a super hero. They have a great selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and traditional entrees. I got a sandwich called “The Arnold” which paired ham and cheese with green apples and apple jelly. It was DELICIOUS! I also had their sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole. These were freshly made, with no hints of any sort of canned cream of anything artificial. Hubby got a traditional burger called “The Used Car Salesman” and proclaimed it “good”.  We saw some friends there and they recommended “The Noodler” (Cajun fish and fries).

For the kids menu: they have a limited four options, but they are all very kid friendly. They have a hot dog, cheeseburger, cheese quesadilla, or chicken fingers (fried or grilled). The kids meals are served with one side item, a refillable drink (in a small cup with a lid), and your choice of a Little Debbie Snack cake. Please note, for drinks they have all of the traditional favorites, plus KOOL AID!!! They have a different flavor each day. The day we went, it was “purple”!

What was your favorite/least favorite thing here?
My 7 year old really loved the arcade game machine in the waiting room. He also loved watching Spiderman on a flat screen while we ate. There are various TVs set up around the restaurant showing different superhero movies. I was impressed that they were showing “The Spectacular Spiderman” which is one of our favorite Spiderman incarnations. He also loved that he got to meet Batman (super heroes stop in to say hello from time to time).  His least favorite thing: the fries. I think this might be a picky eater issue, because Hubby said the fries were fine. They are definitely seasoned and a radioactive orange color. I think my son just didn’t care for the seasoning.

Would you recommend to other parents?
­­­­­­­Yes. There was a very child friendly atmosphere. There were lots of families and little kids there, so we felt very comfortable. The service was quick and friendly. And the food was AWESOME. (Get The Arnold. It will change your life.)

Would you visit again?  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­
On the way to the restaurant, Hubby was grumping about the long trip- 20 minutes from South Huntsville. On the way back, his frown had turned upside down, and he said “I’d definitely go there again. It’s worth the drive, the food was good, and I want to support their concept.” My kid had a great time, my fanboy Hubby had a blast checking out all the comic book décor, and I was in foodie heaven with the yummy noms.

What should others bring if they visit?  ­­­­­­­­­­
You should know that it’s encouraged to dress up like your favorite super hero. Before we left I got my son to throw on his favorite Batman shirt at the last minute. I was so glad I did! When we arrived, there were kids in Ninja Turtles Jackets, Green Lantern shirts, full on Captain America costumes, super hero capes, and even a princess or two! And it was really awesome for my kid to show the “real” Batman his Batman shirt.

Overall, I’d give Supper Heroes a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only deduction for the small building/poor layout/ and bathroom situation. During our 1 hour visit, the owner and manager both stopped by our table to see how we were doing, if there was anything we needed, and to just chat. It was a nice touch. The food was great, and we had a fun time. So if you have a little super hero or a fanboy husband or you just like good food, make sure to check out this restaurant. Just remember to go early and you won’t be disappointed.



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