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Wrapped Up In Words

Wrapped Up In Words

For any occasion, I love handmade gifts from the heart and for a holiday that’s all about the heart, what could be better? As Madonna sings, “I’m gonna dress you up in my love.” And that’s exactly what I’m suggesting you do for this Valentine’s Day.

Here in the Rocket City, we have what some would call bi-polar weather making wraps and scarves more a necessity than just a fashionable accessory. There are two ways to craft this artful accessory; one that’s family friendly and one that requires adult supervision. Since my iron and I currently aren’t on speaking terms, I’ve demonstrated the first and outlined instructions for the second.

It's always a good idea to layout all your suplies before you start. It saves time and "OOPS!" moments.
It’s always a good idea to layout all your suplies before you start. It saves time and “OOPS!” moments.

Supplies needed:

A scarf—you can pick them up at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for cheap
For the family-friendly version: A fabric paint pen (Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) and a piece of cardboard

For the people that get along with their appliances version: an iron, a scanner, book, transfer sheets and a printer (Note: make sure you buy the correct transfer sheets for your printer type and fabric type. For example, sheets for inkjet printers, transfer sheets for white fabrics, dark fabrics, etc. Transfer sheets are available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for around $10 for 10 sheets. I always pick them up with my 40% off one item coupon.)

Family-friendly: Spread the scarf taught across the piece of cardboard and work in sections. You can write words from a poem or book. Kids can draw family pictures or write their own silly messages. There’s no wrong answer. Just plan on only decorating one side of the scarf.

For those who aren’t afraid of their iron: I have done this before and I do love it. Choose the recipient’s favorite book and scan in some pages. Size them so they will fit on the 8.5×11 sheet of transfer paper and print. Personally, I like to use different pages rather than re-printing the same ones over and over again. To “cover” one side of the scarf, it’s going to take you about 10 pages of transfer paper.

Follow the instructions on the transfer paper. Some tips from me? Make sure you wait until your iron is heated up. Don’t use steam. Use an old towel or something you don’t care about as a base and not, for example, your daughter’s favorite monogrammed pillow case.

It’s fun to play with different books as well as some classics, like Alice in Wonderland, that have some illustrations. Keep in mind that due to copyright laws, you can’t sell these.

I’d love to see what you come up with! I also think these would look amazing with black and white family photos ironed on to the scarves.

Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of sparkle!

Literary gorgeosity!
Literary gorgeosity!


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