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Help Send a Local Mom Over the Edge

Help Send a Local Mom Over the Edge

One of the unexpected pleasures that came from starting this site was the community, both online and offline, that has developed around it. Since RCM launched last January I’ve gotten to know Huntsville and all it has to offer and that includes some incredibly cool moms and dads raising some truly awesome kids.

Mom on the Edge

So when a recent opportunity to give back to the community came up, I really wanted to be a part of it. However, “it” involved rappelling off the Huntsville Times Building which I might have considered if I wasn’t going to be 9 months pregnant at the time! Our local Heart of the Valley YMCAs are raising funds through a unique fundraiser called Over the Edge. Because I knew I couldn’t do it, and Stephenie (like most people with common sense) had no interest in it, we started thinking about our contributors and the first name on both our lips was Miss Zoot (AKA Kim Holmes). Kim is the crazy inspiring local mom and blogger who is actually the person I fully credit with my Huntsville Bootcamp Adventures. She is funny, self-deprecating, and inspiring all at the same time.

She is also fearless. When I said something to her about this, she hesitated but thanks to a little nudging by her oldest son, she said yes. Because saying “yes” to things that terrify you is, of course, the best way to live your life. On a personal level, I’m excited to see a friend get the opportunity to do something both terrifying and exhilarating. On a community level, I’m thrilled to be able to help a community organization that helps so many local families. Most of all, I’m excited that RCM can play a role in proving that Huntsville moms are some of the most courageous, adventurous and downright coolest women you will ever meet.

Donate, Deduct, and Win

Online fundraising for Push a Rocket City Mom Over the EdgeSo, please consider helping us make this a reality and show your support for Kim, the Heart of the Valley YMCAs, and the RCM community by donating to our efforts. Not only is your donation completely tax-deductible, but if you forward your confirmation email to [email protected], you’ll be entered into one of our many incentive drawings. Thanks to several local businesses and organizations, we’ll be giving away awesome gift certificates, museum memberships and the like as we reach certain goals.

Our first goal is to reach 20 RCM donors. If you are one of the first 20 Rocket City Moms to donate (and then forward that confirmation email) you’ll be entered in a drawing for a summer membership to Kidventure. That’s an entire summer of air-conditioned fun just for making a small, tax-deductible donation.

Other gifts we are giving away include family memberships to both the Space and Rocket Center and Sci-Quest along with several gift certificates to local businesses and much more to be announced soon! Just think, for only $10 tax-deductible dollars you could be helping out local needy families, helping one of our writers face her fears, AND win an awesome prize worth well over what you donated. Sounds like a great deal to me. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information and updates on our status and current incentives and thank you in advance for helping us push one local mom “over the edge”.

Special Thanks To Our Supporters


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