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Who Doesn’t Love a Truck?

Who Doesn’t Love a Truck?

TRUCKS!!!! At my house, we are really mindful not to instill gender stereotypes but, I admit, I immediately thought of Ben. Then we went, and I saw how completely overjoyed Alya was and how much fun Daddy was having and how totally fun I thought the mail truck was. Good thing I wrangled the whole crew for Hands-On Trucks at Sci Quest!

[box type=”info” align=”right” width=”200″] HANDS ON TRUCKS
April 21
10 AM-2 PM
Free with admission
$9/$8 (Adults/Children)[/box]There was a plethora of trucks for everyone to see, sit in, and interact with. My kids steered the fire truck like champs and explored the paramedic truck as if they were prepping for an EMS call. Each vehicle had its own special characteristics for the children to investigate. They asked a lot of questions. That always equals a successful hands-on experience for me. I admit, the truck that got the most play time was the moving truck. Those folks MUST have kids. They simply dropped the ramp out and VOILA! instant playground. I think Alya must have run up and down 50 times (read: fell asleep at 8PM). Some of the truck personnel gave out goodies like coloring books and candy. All of the vehicle operators were glad to answer the kids’ questions (ha…see…you’ve been worrying for the past several sentences that you’d have to answer more questions….SAVED!) and to show them all of the cool parts of their respective vehicles.

Who doesn't love a ramp?

Mom Tip: If you have a noise sensitive kid or an itty bitty, bring ear plugs. This event is not super loud all the time, but some of the trucks like to “show off” from time to time which makes the show that much cooler. Be prepared.

This show is free with admission to Sci-Quest which means a cool space to chill out, clean restrooms (I know with me and the restrooms, right?), and is a good way to kill the morning, afternoon, or both. Between the museum and trucks, fit in a meal or two that day and then pack those kids into bed. Sincerely, this is fun for all. I admit that even I got a big kick out of getting to explore all of those otherwise mysterious vehicles. Don’t miss out….this is a once-a-year opportunity and there isn’t really anything else like it in our area!

The WHNT mobile weather station is another popular truck.

Giveaway: Thanks to the generosity of the people over at Sci-Quest, Rocket City Mom is happy to announce we’re giving two RCM families the opportunity to attend this great event for free! To enter, follow the directions below. You’ve got until Tuesday night to enter and We’ll pick a winner and make an announcement Wednesday morning.

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