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Is Expensive Ever Worth It?

Is Expensive Ever Worth It?

Yesterday on MSNBC there was BREAKING NEWS that cheap sunscreen is more effective than expensive brands. Color me surprised. I could have told you that and I didn’t need to spend Lord knows how much on a study to prove it. Since having a child, I have become all kinds of cheap, which is very ironic to those who knew me B.C. (before child) because I was not what one would call thrifty. But, like most parents, I’ve come around to the cheap side. When you have kids, those $300 shoes become a whole lot less important and really make you look downright foolish. I mean, where are you wearing these shoes? To the supermarket? Not to mention the shear amount of toys, diapers, formula and the like that $300 will buy.

Name Brand vs. Store Brand

So, I’ve cut back and in most cases have noticed very little difference between the store brands and the “fancy” brands. Cheerios and Wheat Os taste the same to me. Same goes for medicine, band-aids and obviously, sunscreen. In fact, many of the national brands actually produce store brand products (e.g. Reynolds Aluminum Foil, Birds Eye frozen food). So, I feel good about saving money and I don’t have to spend a ton of time messing with coupons.


One place where I won’t cut back, and in fact where I’ve ramped up my spending? Facial moisturizer. I am very lucky that most of my life I had the sense to stay out of the sun. When all my friends were tan, I was pale. At 36, I am now reaping the benefits of that, something I have in common with my idol, Tina Fey. It’s not a major accomplishment but I’m proud. Trust me when I say, I slather my daughter in sunscreen and put a hat on her and myself anytime we’re in the sun for more than 30 minutes. Still, the hands of time were pulling at my face and my Oil of Olay routine just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Then I Had a Revelation

Recently, I got my hands on some samples of the expensive stuff and ladies, I am here to tell you, those old women at ________ (fill in whatever expensive “old lady” department store make-up counter you can think of) know what is up. The expensive stuff, and it is EXPENSIVE, is worth it. My skin used to get dry no matter how much lotion I slathered on. Now, I use this creamy concoction at night and no more problems. I’m not naming my brand because I’m not here to shill for the company, but if you were wondering if there is ever a time to splurge on yourself, I am telling you that your FACE is that time.

Spend the money, you’ll be glad you did.


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