Meet the fellow moms (and dads) who add their stories, wisdom, and ideas here. You can read about Jennifer and Stephenie, the main voices on the blog, here and if you are a local mom or dad and are interested in lending your voice to Rocket City Mom, click here.

Wrangler of Rocket Scientists, Sarah Lena; has been beguiling hearts at The Anvil Tree; for over ten years now. Mom and StepMom to the masses, she proclaims herself Defender of Underdogs Everywhere as well as The Queen of Snark. You can also follow her on Twitter at @SarahLena.

Taralyn Caudle is a Huntsville native who returned to her hometown to raise her beautiful and energetic daughter, Gabby. When she’s not nurturing the talents of her budding artist, she can be found on the hunt for good food, good music, or a good deal on a pair of shoes. Practically possessed by politics, purple, and Prince, she loves alliteration (obviously) and has been known to quote music lyrics in everyday conversation, from Hall & Oates to Kanye West. Her current philosophy on life: a little bit of sarcasm and a whole lot of laughter never hurt anybody. You can follow Taralyn on Twitter @spelwmn.

Karen Gann had a marketing communications career in high tech before taking a sharp turn into stay-at-home-momdom and homeschooling. She grew up in the Tennesse Valley, lives in Huntsville, and is wife to the wittiest man alive, mother to two head-strong and independent girls (they’re adorable, really), and human caregiver to Gomez the dog. Addictions include Facebook, Pinterest, NYC’s Radio Lab, coffee, and politics (not necessarily in that order but sometimes all at the same time). She’s a foodie, too.

Kim Holmes is a mom of three who has been writing online at for over 7 years. She falls down a lot and can often be found with stains on her shirt and mismatched shoes. In other words, Kim does not want you to mistake her for someone glamorous. You can follow her on Twitter (@misszoot) where you can catch her talking about the various TV shows she pretends she doesn’t watch.

Christa Leigh Landingham is a Huntsville native who lives in Madison with her husband Adam, twins Ben and Alya, and Boston Terriers, Maceo and Linus. When asked, “what do you do?”, she responds, “what DON’T I do?” Being a SAHM to (almost) 5 year old twins affords her plenty of time to comb thrift stores, pick up furniture off the side of the road (much to the chagrin of her husband), and blow time on Facebook. You can visit her at her blog or at her Etsy shop.

Amy Mayfield is a married mom of one who’s lived in the Rocket City since she was two. Prior to working as a columnist at The Huntsville Times, she spent several years working as an event manager for a computer company. She now works at the Huntsville Botanical Garden as the Special Events & Marketing Coordinator. Amy has served on the Design Team for Alpha Stamps and Lisa Kettell Designs. When she’s not working, she’s reading, writing, blogging at Amy’s Blam, spending time with family, making messes as a member of the Alpha Stamps Design Team, glitterizing everything that’s not moving and trying not to set things on fire.

Andrew Meyer is a Special Education teacher from Madison, Wisconsin, whose wife’s job relocation changed their family roles and physical location. He’s now a stay-at-home dad in Madison, Alabama, to two awesomely creative, sometimes challenging, and mostly sweet six and two-year-old girls who fill his days, nights, and in-between spaces. When with or without them, he writes, works-out, wonders, wishes he wouldn’t worry, wrestles with his wife’s commitment to her job, and listens to music. You can also find him at, on Twitter @papasense, and Facebook.

MandyPInyanMandy Pinyan is a passionate book love from an early age, where being busted for bringing Stephen King to school (a book, not the guy) led to much reading by flashlight. She turned out okay. By day she is the Youth Services Coordinator at the Huntsville Madison County Public Library Extension and Outreach Department and at night she is on mom duty for a precocious preschooler and wife to a ruggedly handsome outdoorsman. Add in two dachshunds, Matt Damon and Angel, and the chaos level is complete.

Lexie Robinson Austin is one of the few born and raised Huntsville natives. She is a stepmom to one, a librarian to many, a reader of books, and baker of cookies. She likes ridiculously impractical shoes and the color pink.

Heather Phillips is a stay-at-home mom to an active toddler named Dax. She moved to Alabama after marrying her high school sweetheart and best friend, Jake. Heather worked in the fields of public relations and marketing for 13 years and has been recognized for her volunteer work with several nonprofit organizations. She is an active member of The MOMS Club of Madison – North Chapter.

Wife. Mom. Dispenser of sippy cups and band-aids. Sharon Webber is the mother of three young girls and proudly totes her many titles. She’s your every day mom, just working to keep the chaos under some kind of control. She loves to write about their ordinary, yet extraordinary, adventures as a family of five at her blog Mommy Mayhem. Laugh with her…or at her…and reassure yourself you’re not the only one on this crazy ride called motherhood.

Bo150x150Lifelong Alabamian Bo Williams has been a professional writer since 1994, a husband since 1997, and a father since 2001. His favorite diversions include polemics, University of Alabama football, Asian cuisines, and breezily pretending the ’80s never ended. He is hurt and confused by excessive seriousness, the imminent loss of “literally,” and carrot raisin salad. Bo is thankful for God’s grace. Keep up with Bo at

Dad, hubby and irritator of students and school boards alike, Russell Winn is committed to ensuring that the Huntsville City Schools provide access to the educational support system for every student. When he’s not enforcing grammar rules or arguing the ethical minutia of Kant’s deontology, he spends his time loving his kids, reading anything by Stephen King or Christopher Moore, and attempting to speak truth to power on behalf of special needs kids. You may follow his rants at or on twitter at @russwinn.