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What I’ve Lost and Gained


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What I’ve Lost and Gained

I finished four weeks of Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp and I accomplished my primary goal – NOT THROWING UP! It wasn’t always easy and there were a couple close calls, but once I learned what I should and shouldn’t eat at five in the morning (oatmeal/banana) I was good. Despite being a very anti-morning person, I enjoyed myself and frequently caught myself looking forward to class. I guess the truest testament to the class is that I signed up for the next session. I just don’t feel like my journey is done yet.

When you commit to an exercise program like this, it’s hard not to look at the numbers and use it as a gauge of how you did. By the numbers, I lost 2 inches in my waist and 6 pounds. Not awe inspiring but I’m happy with it and it isn’t all I’ve lost.

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I’ve lost excuses: no time, no energy, no athletic ability. What I’ve gained: a belief in myself and my ability to retrain my body, friends who know what a burpee is and why it is to be dreaded, time for myself that is for me and no one else.

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They might not be record setting numbers but I’ll take those stats.

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  • Way to go! I’m so proud of you for challenging yourself and making a commitment to your health and happiness! I look forward to reading on as your journey continues!

  • No awe inspiring???! Are you kidding me? 2 inches and 6 pounds!!! That is awesome!!! I haven’t lost anything yet.

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