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Top 5 Reasons for High Schoolers to Join a Climbing Team

Top 5 Reasons for High Schoolers to Join a Climbing Team

High Point Huntsville

The Interscholastic Climbing League program hosted by High Point Huntsville helps create and support local high school rock climbing teams. The ICL introduces students to one of the fastest growing sports in the country and enables them to learn and progress in the sport.

Participating is as easy as joining or starting a team at your high school! Student-athletes climb and practice together, compete among other schools, and join the growing climbing community all while building strength, skill, and confidence.

High Point Huntsville
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No Prior Experience Required!

Belaying is the process of securing a climber with a rope for support if they fall, and is an essential part of any climber’s fundamental skills. New ICL teams receive a free Basic Belay Class facilitated by High Point Huntsville! This class teaches athletes the basics – equipment use, belaying, catching falls, lowering climbers, and knot tying.  The class also serves as a great way to bring teammates with a variety of experience levels to the same starting point before moving forward.

Continued Education

After the initial belay class, ICL teams are able to schedule free monthly clinics lead by High Point instructors. Regardless of climbing experience or ability, all students can form a strong foundation to build on. Team clinics includes climbing basics, technique, movement, training exercises, and more, and are tailored to the group’s specific needs or goals.

Climbing is Flexible (No pun intended)

Within the league, student-athletes have the opportunity to work with their sponsor and teammates to make each team exactly what they want it to be. Athletes can climb and train outside of their scheduled practices for a competitive edge, or just climb recreationally to stay active, have fun, and spend time with friends. Additionally, the league runs throughout the entire school year, making it a great complimentary sport or main sport. Teams can plan their own practice schedule and clinics, and students can start or join a team at their school at any time!

High Point Huntsville

Student Leadership and Community

The flexible nature of the Interscholastic Climbing League provides the opportunity for students to take on leadership roles and contribute to their teams, schools, and the climbing community. Climbing and competing together helps sustain positive, ongoing collaboration among athletes, team sponsors, parents, teachers, supporters, etc.

Perks on Perks on Perks

Being an ICL team member requires a monthly student ICL Membership at High Point Huntsville, which includes:

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    • Waived monthly membership start up fee, regularly $39
    • 15% off High Point Pro Shop purchases and gear rentals
    • Free access to High Point yoga classes, member clinics, and events
    • One free Guest Pass per month for 1st time visitors
    • Cardio and weight room
    • Access to all High Point locations
    • Free Basic Belay Class for new team members
    • Two hours of instruction from High Point once a month
    • Four ICL climbing competitions per year facilitated by High Point

League teams are also required to have a team sponsor. Sponsors can be involved parents, teachers, etc. who will help manage their school’s team roster and coordinate between athletes and High Point for instruction and competitions. All ICL team sponsors also receive a free Individual High Point Membership while serving as team sponsor!

The benefits of rock climbing and youth climbing programs are becoming increasingly recognized. Now an official Olympic sport, climbing will make its debut in the 2020 games in Tokyo. The goals of the ICL are to support student-athletes, high school extracurricular opportunities, and continue to grow and share the sport.

To get started and learn more about the Interscholastic Climbing League, visit our website.

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