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Tiptoe Through the Tulips at Hubert Family Farm


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Tiptoe Through the Tulips at Hubert Family Farm

  • Located at 432 Narrow Lane, New Market, AL 35761
  • Open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Sunday 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
A one year old girl sits in front of the tulips at Hubert Family Farm.
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This spring, Hubert Family Farm has brought something to Huntsville that you can’t find anywhere else in North Alabama –  fresh tulips!

This adorable small tulip farm is located in Hazel Green, off of Highway 431. From the road, you’ll see a small pop of color as you get closer to the farm, but my jaw dropped as the rows of bright colors got bigger through my windshield. It’s a really cool sight, and it gets even cooler once you’re in the middle of it all.

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you pull in, someone will ask for or give you the chance to purchase your tickets. You will then be directed to park.

I took my almost one year old daughter, and I wore her in a carrier for most of the outing. Wearing her didn’t interfere too much with picking the tulips. She would have been fine to crawl or walk around the tulip beds. They’re big enough to where she wasn’t trying to climb over the tulip beds, but they weren’t so high that I was worried about her falling from the top or side of one. She was more interested in the dirt and rocks, so it’s safe to say she had a blast.

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Parent Pro-Tip: Strollers are permitted, but keep in mind it might be hard to maneuver wheels through the rows of tulips. It’s mainly hay and dirt in a sea of tulips. I would recommend rain boots, especially if it has rained the week you go tulip picking. In that case, it’s mainly hay and mud between the flowers.

The Right Way to Pick a Tulip

Make sure when you pick the tulip, you try to get the bulb and roots out as well. Little hands might need some help, but you don’t have to pull very hard. You could bring gardening gloves if you want. My hands got a little muddy, but it was mainly from picking up the 1 year old. You can plant the bulbs at home if you would like, but Hubert Family Farms can’t guarantee that they will grow.

You can go monochrome or one of each color. If you pick a tulip with tighter petals and put it in water as soon as you get home, the flower will bloom over the next few days. My tulips are on day 3 in water, and they haven’t even fully bloomed yet. They look gorgeous on my kitchen counter.

When you go to purchase your tulips, they will wrap them up for you. It’s $2.50 per stem. If you don’t plan on going straight home, bring a bucket of water and leave it in your car. Put the tulips in the water when you leave if you’re going to be out for a while.

Maps, ticket information, and frequently asked questions can all be found on the Hubert Family Farms website.

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Other Things to Do at Hubert Family Farm

Plan ahead and bring a picnic! The parking lot is maybe 50 yards from the tulip beds, and the picnic tables are in between that. From there, you are free to walk through the field to pick your tulips or have a picnic at the picnic tables. You can bring your own food, or food trucks will also be on site on the weekends.

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View the Hubert Family Farm calendar for a line up for food trucks and events like an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 27. The picnic tables are more than 6 feet apart, and there are 6 of them that seat 6-8. You can also bring a blanket to sit on in the grassy area. The farm provides pretty baskets for tulip harvesting, or you can bring your own.

Plan Your Visit to Hubert Family Farms

Hours: Mon-Sat, 9AM-5PM, Sun, 12-5PM
Where: 432 Narrow Lane, New Market, AL 35761 (Map)
Cost: $5 day pass | $15 season pass
Children 2 and under get in for free
Tulips are $2.50/stem and not included in your day pass
Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Restrooms: Porta Potties are available near the parking lot.
More Info: You can buy tickets online and show them (printing is not necessary) when you drive in. You can also buy your tickets there. Ticket reservations are not required before your arrival. 

Covid Guidelines: All employees will be wearing masks and disinfecting surfaces and tools throughout the day. Sanitation stations are located throughout the property. Guests will be required to wear masks when indoors or when social distancing is not possible.

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