Tinsel Trail Brings Twinkling Lights and Fun to Downtown Huntsville

My kids, like most 21st century American children, love their iPads and Xbox and lots of other high-tech amusements. Yet it never fails that they still seem to love the simplest things the most. Bubbles, balloons, and all things light related provide hours of entertainment. We buy flashlight batteries like they are going out of style.

Needless to say, this time of year is a GOLDMINE for my kids. They always ask to take an extra loop around the block before pulling in the driveway, and Galaxy of Lights is a must for our family – Walking Nights & Driving Nights. So a few years ago when the Tinsel Trail came to downtown Huntsville we were understandably excited.

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The Tinsel Trail is fun day or night.
The Tinsel Trail is fun day or night.

This free display of live Christmas trees throughout Big Spring Park looks magical at night and you should definitely take the family at least once during the holiday season. What we’ve discovered is that many of the trees look just as cool during the day!

Tinsel Trail always officially opens the Friday after Thanksgiving and usually stays up through the weekend after New Year’s Eve.  Now in its ninth year, the trail boasts more trees than ever before and lots of special events including a Ribbon Cutting and Kick-off on November 29th.

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Special events like “dog nights” and other Christmas fun are also scheduled each year. Keep up with new developments here.

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Tinsel Trail 2019 Details

Dates/Times: November 29 – January 2, 2019
Location: Big Spring Park, Huntsville (map)
Cost: Free to stroll
More Info: www.tinseltrail.com | Follow the Tinsel Trail Facebook Page for special events & weather updates

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