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This virtual Disney light and fireworks show made me cry. I’ll be watching nightly.


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This virtual Disney light and fireworks show made me cry. I’ll be watching nightly.

Our family has been lucky enough to visit Disney several times. My husband and I lived in Florida when we first married and every relative that came to see us wanted to go. So we visited (before kids) a lot. Then many years later we were Florida residents again (after kids) and got the resident pass that makes it pretty affordable to go often and we did. We visited the parks at least one weekend out of every month of the year we had that pass.

We ♥ Disney World and we’ve seen our share of the closing fireworks. It’s a magical event and not a small part of that is the excitement that is generated by just being with so many other excited people. Then…the show starts and it’s the most ridiculously over the top fireworks show and it is amazing. #TakeMyMoney

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When this video popped up in my newsfeed I was excited to see it but I didn’t really believe it would capture the magic you feel when you are there. Hard truth – it doesn’t completely but it comes close. The shots of the crowd are when my heart started fluttering. Right about 1:37 they pull back the shot, you see the crowd and then the fireworks start. Cue the waterworks.

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Basically, it’s amazing and you should watch it. If you need more of a Disney fix you can watch all kinds of videos including a virtual version of their Magic Happens parade, a video explaining the science behind the Rock’N’Roller coaster, and more on the Disney Parks YouTube channel.


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