The Great Diaper Drive is Back to Help Local Babies

Imagine for a second that your family is struggling financially. This may not be such a stretch for many readers but when I say struggling, I mean REALLY struggling. As in, you can’t pay all the bills and still buy food struggling. So you reach out for help because it’s not just you, you’ve got little ones who are struggling with you and you’re not so proud that you’re going to cause them to be hungry.

1 in 3 low incomes moms struggle to afford diapers and 1 in 12 admit to “stretching” their supplies by leaving a child in a soiled diaper.

But that help only goes so far and one very important item it doesn’t cover is diapers. Diapers may seem like a very necessary item to our readers but they are not covered by most social service programs and because of that many families in our community are struggling to keep their babies in clean diapers. We all know how fussy babies can be even under the best of circumstances but imagine a baby that has to wear soiled diapers for extended periods of time because the family is trying to make them stretch just a little longer. Then imagine the stress that adds to a mom or dad who is, no doubt, already stressed!

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Because babies (and families) are our business, Rocket City Mom partnered with WHNT-19 in 2013 for The Great Diaper Drive and together we raised more than 40,000 diapers for Manna House. Well, we’re at it again and this year The Great Diaper Drive will help out families serviced by both Manna House and Crisis Services of North Alabama. The drive will run from September 1st through the 11th during which time you can drop off diapers at any of the locations listed below.

On September 7th we’ll hold a diaper shower at Kidventure (details here) and then on the 11th we’ll wrap it up with an all day diaper blitz at the Walmart on University Drive. Stay tuned to RCM and WHNT19 for updates on our progress and for goodness sake – “Don’t Be a Stinker, Help a Baby Out!”

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Diapers collected at the 2013 Great Diaper Shower at Kidventure.
Diapers collected at the 2013 Great Diaper Shower at Kidventure.

How You Can Help

Drop Off Diapers

Buy a package or a box or even just donate your already opened and now too small half-packs. Place them in a donation barrel in one of the locations below:

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Attend our Diaper Shower

We’re throwing The Great Diaper Shower at Kidventure on Sunday, September 7 from 12-6PM. Admission is one package of diapers per child. We will have live entertainment, the new SubZero ice cream truck, tons of door prizes and of course – FUN! Everyone in attendance will have a blast and help local babies at the same time – win/win.

Throw Your Own Shower

Want to help but can’t make our shower at Kidventure? Then why not throw your own? Got a group of friends? Then you’ve got a shower! At work, with your book club, at church, or just at your home. WHNT19 has a great primer on how with ideas for collection, sharing on social media, and challenges to make it more fun. Plus they have a downloadable poster so head on over there and then START COLLECTING!

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