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2021 Summer Volunteer Programs for Teens in North AL

2021 Summer Volunteer Programs for Teens in North AL

  • Includes organizations where teens can volunteer Summer of 2021 in the Huntsville area.
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Summer is a great time for your teenager to work in some valuable volunteer time. Luckily for them – and for you – there are lots of places to do that in Huntsville and North Alabama this summer! But why should your young adult even bother with finding places to volunteer during their much-anticipated school break? Here’s five reasons why, along with a great list of organizations that have a summer teen volunteer program.

Reason #1: It Makes Them a Better Person
The personal development advantages of volunteering are HUGE. Teens can evolve their work ethic and leadership skills, something they just can’t achieve completely sitting in a classroom. It’s also proven when teens feel part of something bigger than themselves they develop a stringer sense of self-esteem in their personal lives.

Reason #2: It Busts Boredom & Keeps Kids Busy
Whoever said “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” wasn’t wrong. Time spent volunteering is less time spent being bored or playing video games for hours on end. Plus there are many options that also get teens outside and doing something physical and/or meaningful.

Reason #3: It Helps Them Save Money On College
Most college scholarships require at least some form of volunteer hours in order to even apply. Why not get those hours over the summer? There’s no shame in that game – volunteering is a win-win situation.

Reason #4: It Strengthens Huntsville
Spending time helping at the organizations listed below makes teens more aware of the community’s needs and how they are able to help. This sense of service will follow them into adulthood, and over time will make a huge impact on the prosperity and success of their own neighborhoods.

Reason #5: Provides an Empathetic Outlook & Teaches Problem-Solving
Today’s teens are more stressed than ever. Volunteering is an opportunity to experience and develop cognitive empathy. “If empathy helps us sympathize with how another person is feeling, cognitive empathy also allows us to try to understand someone else’s perspective and how they perceive the world, even when our feelings differ.”

But What If My Teen Can’t Volunteer Regularly?

Looking for a few “one-and-done” volunteer opportunities? The Volunteer Center of Madison County has a great database you can use to search for opportunities by age. You can use this year-round, not just for summer. They are a fantastic community resource – please tell them Rocket City Mom sent you!

NOTE: The organizations listed below offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for teens. Some have more on-site supervision than others. Some volunteer jobs are indoors, some are outdoors, and some require more physical labor than others. Parents and their teens should ask questions and discover more about each program by talking directly through the volunteer coordinator or program manager to see which programs are best for them. That said, the information here is a great jumping off point.

Where Can Your Teen Volunteer in Huntsville?

Burritt on the Mountain

View Website | Phone: 256-533-1365
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting volunteers ages 14+
Contact: Gina Hurst, Volunteer Coordinator,
Needs: Volunteers to assist with special events, summer camps, and classes at Burritt during their summer programs for kids.

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CASA Community Garden

View Website | Phone: 256-533-7775
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications now for ages 13+
Contact: Inquire by email ( or phone
Needs: Volunteers to plant, weed, and harvest produce at the CASA Community Garden.

Christmas Charities Year Round

View Website | Phone:  256-837-2373
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications for 14+ ; Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Contact: Email
Needs: Volunteers to help sort & organize donations.

ChristyCare Senior Daycare

View Website | Phone: 256-604-3117
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications for 16+
Contact: Email
Needs: Volunteers to help visit with the elderly guests & help out with activities.

Early Works Children’s Museum

View Website | Phone: 256-564-8123
Deadline: Ongoing for ages 14+
Contact: Dave McLellan, Volunteer Coordinator at
Needs: Volunteers to help in the museum during 2021 summer camps & classes.
We offer numerous volunteer opportunities for students, adults, families and groups. You will have the chance to interact with visitors of all ages and help assist staff at one or all of our three sites. The EarlyWorks Family of Museums is a unique creative environment that allows volunteers to play while they work! Volunteers are asked to wear khakis and a white when volunteering at Earlyworks, black pants and a white shirt if volunteering at the Huntsville Depot, and something light weight to be worn under a provided costume when volunteering at the Alabama Constitution Village.


View Website | Phone: 256-886-7065
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting volunteers ages 13+ (Those between the ages of 12-14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)
Contact: Jennifer Cummings,
Needs: Support public education by helping in our volunteer-run resource store stocked with teaching materials and classroom supplies. It is our goal for 3,500 teachers in Madison County’s 84 public schools to “shop” for free items to make sure more than 50,000 students in our community have adequate classroom materials.

HEALS, Inc.No Teen Volunteer Program for 2021 due to Covid

View Website | Phone: 256-428-7560
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting volunteers ages 14+
Contact: Marijo Braddy,
Needs: Volunteers are needed to assemble hygiene kits to be distributed to our patients at their annual physical exam. Other jobs also include addressing envelopes & filling donations requests.

Heart of the Valley YMCA

View Website | Phone: 256-428-9622 Ext. 3010
Deadline: Ongoing
Contact: Lamont Singleton, Director of Youth Development and Social Responsibility,
Needs: Teen volunteers to help with Spring & Summer programs & one-day special events.

HOSPICE Family CareNo Teen Volunteer Program for 2021 due to Covid

View Website | Phone: 256-650-1212
Deadline: Ongoing for ages 14+
Needs: Volunteers to visit and help with support group activities like prepare crafts, programs, and group activities. We would not be Comfort Care Hospice without our volunteers. Our volunteers bring warmth, joy, and tenderness into the daily practice of caring for patients. If you enjoy helping people in need or find a sense of purpose in walking through trials with others, kindly contact us. We are always in need of compassionate, caring people with a heart to serve. *There is an application and screening process that each volunteer must complete.

House of the Harvest

View Website
Deadline: Ongoing for ages 14+
Needs: Volunteers to serve breakfast every Saturday morning from 6:30 – 8:30 AM and/or work a distribution station from 7-9 AM. They also need a variety of donations if you would like to host a Food & Item Drive. No appintment needed to volunteer – just show up.

Huntsville Animal Services

View Website | Phone: 256-883-3782
Deadline: Ongoing for ages 16+
Contact: Fill out this online form
Needs: The shelter always needs help with socializing dogs and cats, walking dogs, preparing toys for enrichment programs (like putting peanut butter in Kongs) and just general tasks to help the shelter staff.

Huntsville Botanical Garden

View Website | Phone: 256-830-5314
Deadline: March 22,2021, 14-15 must be accompanied by a guardian, 16+ can volunteer without one
Contact: Misty Hertzig at or 256-830-4447 ext. 253. | online forms here
Needs: In June and July, the Summer Youth Volunteer Program consists of helping before, during and after children’s art programs, working in the greenhouse and on Garden grounds.

Huntsville Museum of Art

View Website | Phone: 256-535-6372
Deadline: Age 15 and older to be eligible to volunteer.
Contact: Laura E. Smith, Director of Education & Museum Academy at 256-535-6372 or e-mail her at
Needs: Youth volunteers assist instructors during the children’s art camps and classes.

Land Trust of North Alabama

View Website | Phone: 256-534-5263
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications now for ages 14+
Contact: Rosie Spaulding,
Needs: Year-round volunteers that like to work outdoors cleaning and maintaining trails on these dates in 2021, all dates Weather dependent.

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

View Website | Phone: 256-533-0399
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications now for ages 15+
Contact: Matt Bakula,
Needs: Summer volunteers to help with set-up, parking, and clean up for special events in 2021.

Manna House

View Website | Phone: 256-503-4848
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting volunteers ages 15+
Contact: Fran Fluhler,
Needs: Volunteers to help serve food weekly, monthly, and nightly on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 2:00 – 7:00 PM. Volunteers are also needed the first Saturday each month from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Volunteers are welcome any day we are open, no need to sign up in advance. Work for any amount of time that fits your schedule. (We will be only be closed for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day)

See Also

Merrimack Hall Performing Arts CenterNo Teen Volunteer Program for 2021 due to Covid

View Website | Phone: 256-534-6455
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications now for ages 13+
Contact: Jen DiCarlo,
Needs: Volunteers are needed for summer camps; volunteers are required to be at least 13 years of age and have an interest in working with students and adults with special needs.

National Charity League, Madison City Chapter

Get More Info
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications now for ages 12+
Contact: Membership info here.
Needs: Moms and daughters can volunteer together via this service-oriented club. NCL, Inc., Madison City Chapter is a group of mothers and daughters who have come together in a commitment to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.

A New Leash On Life

View Website
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications now for ages 14+
Contact: Volunteer application
Needs: Volunteers to work at the ANLOL Thrift Store locations, help with lawn & facility care, and doing office work, events, and other special projects for one of their four locations.

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North Alabama Zoological Society

View Website
Deadline: Recommend ages: Students entering 10th, 11th, and 12th grade in high school or Undergraduates.
Contact: Apply here | Email for more information
Needs: Nature Camp staff will lead each camp group and hold primary responsibility for the safety of their group. They will be the lead on teaching curriculum, setting behavior expectations, and monitoring transition times during the camp day. Camp Dates that you can volunteer for: June 16-18, 2021 or 4 days June 22-25, 2021.

Raising Men Lawn Care Service

View Website | Contact
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting applications for ages 7-17
Contact: Rodney Smith, Jr. message via Facebook Page
Needs: Young men to provide year-round lawn care for those in need, such as single moms, the elderly, veterans, and the disabled.

Senior Center of Huntsville & Madison CountyNo Teen Volunteer Program for 2021 due to Covid

View Website | Phone: 256-880-7081
Deadline: Ongoing for ages 15+
Contact: Becky Rollston, Activities Coordinator,
Needs: Volunteers to help serve lunch in the cafeteria and work on craft & community programs.

Senior Center of Madison CityNo Teen Volunteer Program for 2021 due to Covid

View Website | Phone: 256-772-6258
Deadline: Ongoing for volunteers ages 15+
Contact: Vicki Parker, Activities Coordinator, Email for details
Needs: Volunteers to participate in programs and help prepare crafts & play board games, serving lunch to our seniors. We also like to have any age teen that has a talent such as musical or dancing to entertain our seniors.

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

View Website | Phone: 256-430-6716
Deadline: June 1st volunteers ages 16-18
Contact: Apply online HERE
Needs: The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is currently recruiting student volunteers who can commit to volunteer 65 hours this summer. The program will begin in June and end August (13 weeks). The 2021 Summer Program is for students (ages 16-18) and offers the opportunity to gain experience in a museum setting while learning new skills while giving back to the community.


View Website | Phone: 256-520-5194
Deadline: Ongoing, accepting volunteers ages 14+
Contact: Tami Tubell, volunteer coordinator
Needs: Volunteers to help with Ink and Small Electronics Recycle Drive, collecting all ink cartridges, cell phones and more for recycling. Assisting with the Used Shoe Drive, collect pairs of used shoes and bring them to HTV AMBUCS to help us raise money for those in our area that need to help to pay for their AmTryke.

Did we miss your teen’s favorite place to volunteer? Leave us a comment with details and let us know!


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