Staying Strong & Healthy in Huntsville

(Updated for 2019!) So you’ve made up your mind you’re going to eat better, move around more, de-stress, and work on your overall health and well-being. First of all, KUDOS TO YOU. Making that decision to commit your precious time and money is no small thing. We’ve pulled together all of the resources and experiences we’ve had on our quest to be healthy here on Rocket City Mom, and hope it helps you along the way.

From local fitness and exercise options to how your family can eat better, this compilation of articles is guaranteed to help you live a healthier life in Huntsville.

Fitness & Exercise

DID YOU KNOW? The Heart of the Valley YMCA invites you to join in January for $20 and receive 25% off membership throughout 2019! Get the details HERE.

Huntsville Area Fitness Gyms That Offer Childcare

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First things first, mamas. Getting your workout on is hard when you’ve got kids, but this list of local gyms is a good place to start. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments so we can add it in. Like our favorite Zumba class, this is a group effort.

Taking Fitness From Self-Loathing to Smart

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Figuring out how to wrap your head around new fitness goals can be overwhelming and intimidating. How do you mentally prepare yourself to succeed and meet your goals? These tips with local resources will empower you to get started!

Nurturing the Ballerina In You

Parent Review – Pure Barre Madison
Parent Review – Breathe Yoga Barre in Decatur
A plié-by-plié Mom Review of what a class is really like for anyone interested in tapping into their inner power ballerina.

16 Heart Healthy Tips for Moms of Any Age

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We consulted a local expert to break down what moms need to be doing during each decade to have a healthy heart.

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Becoming a Yoga Mom When You Have Zero Time

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Speaking of yoga, this testimonial about how it one local mom’s life is absolutely inspiring. The most commonly used comprehensive health practice among adults, yoga’s low-impact flow is something you can do alone, in a class, or even with your kids.

Yoga Shorts for Busy Parents

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Huntsville yoga instructor, Katie Burrus, demonstrated some easy yoga poses you can do at home to help with back pain, strengthening your core, and deciding if yoga is right for you.

How This TV Addict Learned to Be a Runner

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After several starts and stops, this mom finally figured out the magic formula to becoming the runner she always dreamed of being. (Hint: she couldn’t do it alone.)

Running Through the Mom Guilt

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So you’ve made the commitment to start exercising more, maybe even start running. But Mom Guilt is REAL, and putting your kids before yourself can be a legitimate excuse/reason to skip a run or class. Here’s how to get over it already.

How Moms Can Dance Away Stress

Parent Review
Women of all ages and fitness levels can throw down like Beyonce at this dance class. Fun just isn’t a word that does it justice, and even moms who have never danced in their life will enjoy it.

Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women

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Written as a 4-part series, a local mom signed up for this boot camp just for women and reports back on the experience. It’s safe to say the results literally changed her life forever.

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Getting Back In the Groove

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If you’re a little *too* “couch” when you hear about a Couch to 5K program, consider these 20 minute fat-blasting exercises from local trainer and fitness expert Joe Martin. You can do them from the comfort of your own home before you hit the gym or a start a new routine.

Struggling with Stress

Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do with Diet, Fitness, or Finances

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This list of vague New Year resolutions from a local mom have nothing to do with your money or your body but have EVERYTHING to do with betterment of mind and spirit.

The Importance of a GNO

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Getting together with your best girlfriends gives us a much-needed mom break! Here’s one of our favorite ways to do that.

Favorite Apps for Mom & Dad

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Need a brain break? There are apps for that! If you want to unwind, connect, meditate, or just do something brainless, there is value to be found in the moments in-between. Sometimes a mood reset is just an app away.

Brains Need a Workout Too!

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Oprah has it right – joining a book club can be a great way for moms to reclaim some Me Time and make new friends. Here’s where to do that in the Rocket City. (We really like the RCM Book Virtual Club!)

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You Are What You Eat

How Your Family Can Start Eating Healthier

This 3-part series is full of tips, tricks, and real how-to plans on getting your family on track to eating better, even when you have a fixed budget with little to no wiggle room. #thestruggleisreal

CSA’s and You – How to Eat Better & Support Local Farmers

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What is a CSA box? Where can you get one? All the pros and cons about community supported agriculture programs, plus the scoop on how you can enjoy seasonal produce throughout the year in North Alabama.

My Green Smoothie Addiction

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How one mom tricked treated her kids into drinking their veggies and loving every minute of it.

16 Tips for Heart Health at Any Age

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Eating better and exercising more is not just about looking good. A local cardiologist gets specific about how to decrease your risk of heart disease – the cause of one out of every three female deaths.

Stumbling Into Gluten Freedom

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If changing your diet is part of your personal self-improvement plan and you’re thinking about ditching the carbs, these tips on being a gluten-free girl in Huntsville are bound to be helpful.

Get Fit in HUntsville