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Shakalaka Extreme Air Sports in Huntsville


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Shakalaka Extreme Air Sports in Huntsville

EDITOR’S NOTE: When word on the street got around that Shakalaka was coming to Huntsville, parents all over town either cheered or groaned. So OF COURSE something that divisive needs a parent review! We sent Heather and Melika, two local moms with kids in two different age groups, to check it out.

For the Littles (Ages 6 and Under)

– by Heather Phillips

Shakalaka logoWith all the excitement of “that new trampoline place,” we just HAD to check out Shakalaka Extreme Air Sports! It is, indeed, a new trampoline place located next to Essex on Hwy 72 in Huntsville, but there’s more to it than that!

Since my little one is four years-old, we went during their 6 and Under Session. Monday through Saturday, they offer this one-hour session at 9 a.m. and they play Disney music. (If you go any other time, there is an age six and under section of the arena.) Walk-ins are always welcome but you might want to register and pay online ahead of time, and it’s a lot faster if you print out their waiver and bring it with you. We paid $9 and I was included with his admission.

Shakalaka 6yrs

I saw pictures of their arena on their website and Facebook page, but it’s a lot larger in person! There are two levels to play on and both have a trampoline floor. On the lower level is a very large, open area with trampolines where my little guy enjoyed running and bouncing and running and running. Next to it is trampoline area enclosed in a net with balls that the kids can play with and trampolines they can slide down.

PROTIP:  dress your kids in pants or leggings so they won’t get rug burn on their knees!

In the upper level is a trapeze with a foam pit below it! This is even fun for grownups! There is a trampoline section with basketball goals, a couple of foam pits, the designated age six and under section and a foam pit with a tight rope over it. My four year-old enjoyed all of it! And the hour-long session was more than enough time for us both to get tired out.

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Shakalaka rope

The bathrooms are a walk around the arena, and small children will need help reaching the water and soap. There are no changing tables, but the manager said they will be installed soon. There are vending machines and lockers available, and you can bring your own lock or rent one of theirs for $3.

Check out the calendar on their website because they have a lot of different themes and events going on throughout the month. Shakalaka also offers birthday parties, and they have four party rooms available.

For the Big Kids (Ages 7 and Over)

– by Melika Nixon

Finally, after months of anticipation, my kids experienced the high flying, ball dodging, back flipping, trapeze swinging, hoop dunking adrenaline rush of Huntsville’s newest Extreme Sports Arena known as Shakalaka. The opening of the newest attraction in Huntsville was so popular that our group quickly grew to 31 participants ranging from age 5 – 13.

It is a 26,000 square foot calorie burning, energy expending, insurance policy for a great night of sleep for all participants:
12 year-old Alex says “Dodge Ball was the best! It was so much fun to destroy my friends and battle on the court”.
6 year-old Will’s favorite part is “jumping because you go very, VERY high!”

The trapeze was so fun!
The trapeze was so fun!

Shakalaka is designed for jumpers of all ages. In order to be dropped off without an adult present the child must be 13 years old. There is a time for 15 years and older on weekend nights after 9pm. Everyone must sign a waiver before being able to jump in the arena. Safety is a primary concern for the staff at Shakalaka, and there are at least 7 staff members overseeing the arena. Whistles are blown at those who break the rules or are acting in an unsafe manner. Jumping is done in bare feet, or for those who prefer, grippy Flight Socks are sold.

Shakalaka slam

Now for the good stuff – the layout of Shakalaka has something for everyone!

  • Trampoline Dodgeball: a highlight for the older kids in our group. Pegging your friends while jumping high to get a better angle, what’s not to love?
  • ShakaSlam: Basketball with an edge
  • Slack Lines: Think you have what it takes to balance across a thin line? Well in case you don’t you fall into a sea of foam shapes which house a trampoline underneath. Avery, age 7,
  • Free Style: have you been trying to perfect that back flip but the fear of a broken nose has you on pause? Well why not try it here at Shakalaka, your fall is cushioned by foam shapes and according to Aiden “I like that it is bouncier than my trampoline at home and any mistakes are cushioned by a much softer landing”.
  • Flying Trapeze area: Autumn, a 5th grader, claims this as her favorite part of the adventure, “it is fun, thrilling and daring”!

And now the cost part: Don’t let the pricing shock you! This is not an everyday thing — more of a treat — but totally worth the cost. Our group played for 1.5 hours and that was more than enough. A few of the younger kids (under 8) stopped after one hour, they were jumped out! The older kids loved the 1.5 hr time frame and felt that the time was more than adequate.

This might be a great treat to keep in mind around report card release , something to work toward and look forward to!

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Kid-tested, mom-approved (especially at bedtime!)
Kid-tested, mom-approved (especially at bedtime!)


Address: 4710 N. University Drive, Huntsville, Al 35816 (map)
Phone: 256-469-1212
Shakalaka on Facebook


Regular Admission

1.0   Hour Flight Ticket – $12
1.5   Hour Flight Ticket – $16
2.0   Hour Flight Ticket – $20
6 and Under: $8 for 1 hour; $12 for 1.5 hours $16 for 2 hours
2 and Under: One child age 2 years or younger jumps free with an adult ticket purchase

Special Sessions

KidJump: We reserve the arena every Mon-Fri 9am-10am  for ages 6 & under EXCLUSIVELY. One accompanying adult jumps free per paid child. Holidays are excluded.

Family Night: Every Monday night from 6pm to 9pm is Family Night. Bring the whole family for only $35/hr. (Immediate Family Only). Holidays excluded.

ShakaFit Class: $12 per session OR $39 monthly pass. Schedule coming soon.



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  • Great review! Thought about taking our kids until we were sitting in the ER waiting room and saw a 14 yr old walk in holding his arm. He told the nurse he was at the new trampoline place and got pushed down and fell on. He turned around and his wrist was in the shape of a z!!! Looked horrid! Enough for us to just say NO! Lol!

  • Kristin,

    I am sorry that hearing that a child was injured at Shakalaka left a negative impression of the business in your opinion. Being both a mom and a nurse, I realize that there is risk everywhere we turn. When we sign our children up for a sport, the first time we allow the to cross the street alone, when we send them on an overnight field trip, when they turn 16 and get behind the wheel alone for the first time and even each time we buckle them safely in the car even when we are driving. Risk is everywhere and we as parents must choose which risk we are willing to expose our children to. Yes, there is risk at Shakalaka just like at the skating rink or even our own back yards. Safety is a primary concern at Shakalaka and their staff does an amazing job of overseeing the play and calling out those that can not follow the rules of safety. Injuries may occur but that will not deter me from allowing my child to participate.

  • I took my 2 and 4 year old on a Saturday during the 6 & under time they were letting all ages in my children where so scared because it was so pack with so many people we left early.

    • Ash,

      I am so sorry that your little ones felt overcrowded by the older kids on a Saturday morning during your visit. You may notice on the website that KidJump is only offered Monday thru Friday, there is not a younger age jump time on Saturday mornings. .

      • At the time we went their website published they had saturday 6 and under jump time. When we got home I emailed them to update their website took them 5 days to do so never heard a word from them.

  • I have heard of lots of kids being hurt! Broken ankles from landing with one foot on and one foot off the edge of a trampoline. Twisted knees and ankles.. even wrists and fingers from falling. From what ive heard its over crowded. It hasnt been open very long. And lots of injured

  • Shakalaka was great fun and an hour was more than enough time (15 minutes wore me out!). I DO wish we would’ve went in the 6 and under time because i was constantly scared of my 4 year old getting trampled by a teenager. I do encourage if you have little ones to take them during the age-specific time. Also, the ticket ordering process was ridiculous, I tried several times to order tickets during a time frame that said there were tickets available on the website with no luck. I called more than once to get help from the people at Shakalaka and they were not knowledgeable or even mildly helpful. We almost didn’t go because of this. But we did get in, you sign a waiver so you know ahead of time you could get hurt and my son twisted his ankle right off the bat but we knew ahead of time this could happen. I hurt myself but it was by my own stupidity. I forgot that I am not as young or thin as I used to be.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Ash & Katie – we love to get as many local parent perspectives as we can on Huntsville attractions. I hope you’re OK!

  • I had a negative experience as well as Shakalaka… We were guests for a birthday party so we went ahead and pre bought tickets online for my spouse, my older daughter (who wasn’t a guest) and myself. We were a week early for the party so upon arrival we also had to buy tickets for my son. For some reason even though we purchased 90 minute pass the kids were given one with a half an hour band and one with an hour band.. I asked several times what the bands and stamps meant and we actually had to wait a good bit of time to jump even though we pre bought the tickets for a specific time period (during the party). I had to make a fuss just to let them in to jump and they changed their bands again to not what I paid for just so they could get in at the right time to jump. We were told three different explanations by three different employees. I finally asked for a manager from a very rude female employee then she said she WAS the manager. I posted a review on their Facebook page and they messaged me saying they would look into it and get back to me which they never did. If I pay over $25 for my kid to jump then I should have to pull them out when its time to leave and that wasn’t the case they were both done (5 year old and 12 year old) after 30-45 minutes on the deck watching everyone else jump. I went back the next week on the date of the party couldn’t find the party and just walked out and left. Very disappointed how things were handled.

  • I went for my first time last Friday during the 15 and over time, but there were several kids way under the age of 15. I had fun to start with but then my night went down hill fast. While jumping on one of the trampolines I received a very serious compound fracture on my left leg that required surgery. While waiting on the ambulance people continued jumping on the trampolines around me causing my broken leg to move and a lot of pain. This place is extremely dangerous the paramedic said I was the fourth person that day to get rushed to the ER and the 3 year old daughter of one of my nurses also broke her leg there. I’m a senior in high school and now I have missed one of the last two weeks of my high school career and will most likely have to walk across the stage at Graduation in a boot, it’s heartbreaking to know I don’t get to enjoy my last bit of high school with my friends; because I am in so much pain I cannot leave my house.

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